Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

All that fretting and whining last night about the newspaper article was all for naught. I got a personal note from the publisher thanking me for doing the story. At last count, the online article had received 2110 views. WooHoo! I'll post a link to the story below  for you to see if you'd like. Now That's A Big Fish.

Have you seen Comet ISON? It's now visible with the naked eye. Celestial events are so rare, I do my best to see them. Haley's Comet came in 1986 and I did see it, although it didn't put on a show like it did in 1066 when it was so bright, it frightened millions of Europeans. It was widely credited with the Norman victory at the Battle of Hastings. 
A while back as I read through some of my past journals, I came across an entry where I described a total eclipse of the sun. I didn't make note of the date, but I think it was in 1984. I used my father's old welding goggles to view the phenomenon. The old rooster we had at that time began to crow, even though it was mid day.
I haven't seen Comet ISON yet because we have so many trees that we can't see the eastern horizon at moonrise but it's on our calendar for this weekend. I'm using a photo posted by Wayne Baumgartner. Thanks Wanyo.


  1. We have not been able to see it here because of all the clouds and heavy cover-drat!

  2. Our skies are also always clouded over.
    But when we have a full moon it is gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful image! I wish we could see more things like the comet, but viewing stars is never good in Southern California. Just too many lights and people. And lots of fog because we're close to the beach. I envy you your viewing.

  4. Somehow I missed the post with fretting and whining, but I just read your article and it's great.


  5. Oh, how we tried to see the comet, but light pollution prohibited it.

  6. Congratulations on your article, so nice that it turned out so well, which I was sure it would :)

    I didn't see the comet, I will have to Google it... although seeing it would have been incredible...


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