Monday, March 11, 2013

Big Fish

The publisher of one of the papers for which I write sent word that he'd like me to write a story about a local man who caught a big fish. 
I know you've all seen stories about people who've caught "big fish", but this man caught a 'BIG FISH". 
The 70 pound stripe bass definitely broke an Alabama State record by 15 pounds, but there's a good chance this fish will break a world record for that species of fish.
All the big city papers and sporting magazines have interviewed him about the size, and what bait he used, but none of the stories I read got the real story. They got the 30 second sound bite.
This afternoon I sat in his living room and heard "the rest of the story." I won't say much about it until after publication, but I can tell you I was fascinated.
His wife shot this picture of him (on the left) with a state biologists. It's appeared several times on the Internet and in news articles. 
Stay tuned, story to follow in a few days.


  1. Well, finally....a REAL fish story...and not a fabricated one...and the guy has the pictures to prove it. I can't wait to read your story- Diana

  2. Holy Moly that IS a BIG FISH lol

    I used to catch nice little bass but never that big. I thought they were nice little fish and tasted great!

  3. I saw this story on line the other day and my fisherman husband wanted so many more details. I just told him we're going to get the nitty gritty shortly and he can hardly wait. I loved the fact his wife made him go fishing.

  4. Is this the guy who then cooked it and fed lots of people or something?? Have I got that right?!?! LOL!!

    Take care

  5. What a gorgeous creature. Beautiful! Kudos to the gentleman.

  6. Yup! That's definitely a big fish.


  7. Everyone thinks you're not telling the whole story because of the article..I think I know better. I think you got some great advice and are heading out to the pond to see if you can get a big fish too..Hey, I know how your anglers work! Well, not really. I just love a good conspiracy theory! Congrats to that gentleman who looks like he's been around the lake more than once and deserves this great catch!

  8. That fish is beyond huge... WOW...

  9. THAT is a huge fish. :)


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