Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Contact Trauma

We spent most of the morning at the the clinic. Well, to be more specific, Jilda spent about four green-chair hours in the infusion room wrapped so tightly in blankets that she looked like a cocoon.  I spent most of that time in the cafeteria writing this weeks' column and catching up on my reading. 
The sun was shining when we left, but the wind was steady out of the northwest making small pieces of litter dance across the parking lot like urban tumbleweeds.
We ate lunch and headed home for a long overdue nap on the couch. I dozed lightly and woke up when my deep relaxation MP3 ended. 
Normally when I wake up and stir, Jilda wakes up too, but on treatment days she's usually so beat that she's just a tick away from being in a coma. So this afternoon, I tiptoed into the office to keep from waking her. I spent some time sending out invoices.
After about an hour, my eyes grew tired, and as I stood to stretch, I rubbed my eyes realizing too late, that I was wearing my contacts, and I felt my left one roll. 
I almost said a wordy-durd. I stumbled into the bathroom and flipped on Jilda's makeup mirror which has one side that made my nose look as big as a banana. I pulled the lid up a little and there that bugger was rolled up like a tiny glass straw. 
I managed to ease it out without scratching my eye. Note to self - NEVER rub eyes when I'm wearing contacts.
On a lighter note, we have a couple gigs this weekend. We're playing a songwriter event at the Raspberry Bakery and on Saturday, I'm signing books at the Book Nook. 
I've been exchanging emails with a reporter down there, so hopefully she'll get a story in the paper tomorrow or Friday.
It should be a hoot, so if y'all are out and about around Sylacauga, stop by and say hello. Check the calendar on  for more details.


  1. Best wishes with your activites this weekend. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly with the eye rub. I'm sending prayers and happy thoughts your wife's direction (with maybe a stray or two your way). May you be blessed.

  2. I definitely would have said a wordy-durd.


  3. I would love to be there, Rick, to see you in person. What great fun that will be.
    I am newer to your blog so I am wondering what Jilda has the infusions for....poor gal. I used to work in a hospital so know they are no fun at all. It wears people out quickly on those days.
    I used to wear the gas permeable contacts- (small hard ones) and every once in a while I would rub my eyes and one of them would go off to the side. It just about took the Jaws Of Life to get the darned thing out...miserable....
    Just one thing- did you know that when you leave a comment on someone's blog you come across as a NoReply blogger? That way no one can comment back to you. If you WANT to change that I have very clear, easy 30 sec instructions to fix it. Let me know- xo Diana

  4. I am glad that your eye is alright. I know of some one who actually drove down a ditch when she lost her contact lense.
    Happy recitations:)

  5. You're a better person than me for not saying a wordy-durd :)

  6. I had to start wearing glasses a few months ago, and for the life of me could not learn to get contacts in. This story makes me realize I am better off just staying away from them!

  7. My first time wearing contacts I accidentally flicked one out of my eye onto the tip of my shoe... I salvaged it and I learned to keep my hands away from my eyes... lol

    I am glad your eye was not damaged.

  8. Another reason why I don't wear contacts!

  9. What a beautiful picture of you and Jilda! Lots of exciting plans. Hugs.

  10. Hope Jilda's feeling better tonight and have fun at the gig. I would really enjoy coming South to meet y'all...and also feel some warmth and maybe even see the sun! I don't wear contacts but I've hit myself in the eye with the mascara wand and almost uttered a few nasty sayings!


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