Friday, March 01, 2013

Life is Funny

If there's one thing I've learned in my years here on this earth is that life is funny. I may be a little twisted, but I see humor in the oddest things. I often laugh when no one else is laughing and then I get all self conscience and blushy-faced.
I tend to think that we all take ourselves too seriously. I think 9/11 has changed us all for the worse. It's horrible losing almost 3000 people, but the toll on the national psyche was even more devastating because to some extent, we lost our ability to trust, and to laugh.
There's a new meme that's gone viral now called the Harlem Shake. Some college kids on the Colorado University Frisbee Team got permission from the flight deck to do a short video of passengers doing the Harlem Shake, and now FAA officials are "Looking In To" the incident. What's the deal with that.
Some kids trying to have fun. They get permission to do their thing, and now the FAA wants to bust their chops. I say learn to smile folks. 
As attacks go, 9/11 could have been much worse. Had the timing been a little later, the death toll could have been much higher. Believe me, I'm not trying to minimize the loss of that horrific day, but if we lose our ability to smile at a bunch of fun-loving kids doing what kids do, I fear the impact been even more devastating?
I choose not to give power to those who want to do us harm....because, Life is Funny.


  1. I agree with, and applaud, your sentiment wholeheartedly. If we give over our ability to laugh haven't they, in essence, won a greater victory than even they could have intended?

  2. As someone said, life is too important to take it too seriously. Nothing warms us up like a good laugh!

  3. I'm with you on this Rick! I would have enjoyed that plane ride immensely. Lighten up folks...

  4. I totally agree with you, Rick. I tend to laugh when nobody else laughs sometimes. Life is so short. Humor is healthy.

  5. I agree with you Rick... laughter is important and truly we need to lighten up a little... :)

  6. Hey there Rick...Couldn't agree with you more! Too many uptight people walking this planet!

  7. You're so right Rick - sometimes in life you just gotta have fun and be able to LAUGH. It's truly the best medicine indeed.

  8. Yes life is funny.
    So many crazy unbelievable things going on out there.
    People have to learn to laugh sometimes.
    but 9/11 was not funny and if you turn a blind eye, next time it will be chemical and more people will die suffering.
    There is no talking or dealing with fanatics.It'll take 20 years to re educate them.
    Christianity is being destroyed from the inside.All good things are and then what's left? Laws don't work if people disrespect them. Not enough jails out there.On the first page of the Koran it says all infidels have to die or turn to Islam. This is dangerous teaching when a book is above the law of the land. I don't know.That's not funny to me. My husband comes from Egypt and his family had to leave because of threats of having their throats cut every day and here they use our laws against us and promote their own.So...

  9. I agree: Life is hilarious. I can laugh at almost anything. I think it's because I lived with a crazy person for 30 years and reality became so subjective.


  10. Thanks all for your kind words. And Lady's Life, I know this can be a scary place and we should always be vigilant, but I refuse to willingly give anyone the power to replace the love within my heart with fear.

  11. Rick I know.I don't fear anything or anyone. There are tons of things to laugh about and I do every day. I also love life and everything about it both the good and the bad. But I see life as a gift. We should enjoy it, learn from it, love it, live it so our soul can take all this with it as it continues on a new journey when only God decides to take it. I don't understand fanaticism that promotes so much hate that it is willing to destroy what doesn't agree with it.This hate is silent and sits behind smiling eyes. My Dad went through the war but never hated anyone. He said it happened .Now lets move on.He was a heck of a man.

  12. I totally agree. The FAA, TSA, and all those other government acronyms needs to locate a sense of humor.


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