Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Cookies

A few weeks ago I lost Jilda in our local Walmart. I turned my head a moment to peruse the office supplies, then BAM - she was gone. I sent her a text and tried to call her but nada.
I was about to report her abduction by aliens to the authorities, when I walked by the Easter supplies, and discovered her digging through one of the shelves.
I stepped over and got a whiff emanating from the candy aisle. Of course I smelled the aroma of chocolate eggs, but I also got a whiff of the subtle scent of Peeps. I think Peeps are probably the most underrated candy on the shelves.  Fluffy bundles of marshmallow, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial color in the shape of baby chickens and rabbits. What could be better? You can almost hear them chirp when you eat them.
Now where was I.....Oh yes, I found Jilda looking for Easter cookie cutters.
She came out smiling with Easter-egg cookie cutters. The finished cookie would be roughly the size of a softball that had been whacked really hard with an aluminum bat.
"I'm making Easter Cookies with the kids," she announced triumphantly. A couple of Easter Basket shoppers overheard what she said and put some distance between us.
Well, today was the day. The kids showed up around 4 p.m. and the house, which is normally as quite as a library, sounded like the play area at Micky "D's".
After they baked the cookies and drank a couple pitchers of black cherry Kool Aide, they headed outside.
Caillou, the wonder collie, loves kids and he joined in their game of pitch the soccer ball. Whenever one of the kids missed the ball, he was right there to grab it and run. Six kids would be in hot pursuit. I laughed until I snorted tea out my nose.
At one point, Zoe and Breeze climbed the dogwood in our yard. I shot this photo when they were on their way up.
This is the tree that I do battle over each summer when the power company comes through to rid the right-of-way of pesky trees.
So far I've been successful in keeping the saws off the trunk and it's moments like this that make all the aggravation worth while.
I wonder if they make firecracker cookie cutters?


  1. I had just about decided to go ahead and eat a Peep this year after abstaining for the last [hm hm] fifty, and now you've ruined it with the hearing-them-cheep bit. I'm too suggestible.

  2. Wait- Wait- Your jumping the gun! Firecracker cookies? Aren't you missing some major April Fools' Day...where it looks like there is a cookie but there isn't really one there? Memorial Day? hellllooooo...

    Cute story, Rick. Love that Jilda baked with the kids-how fun is that! And..Peeps- Well, I never met a Peep I didn't! xo Diana

  3. Have a great Easter weekend Rick and Jilda :)

  4. I imagine it's easy to lose someone in Wal-Mart. I love it that your collie runs with the ball. We used to play badminton and Faulkner, my great beauty of a smooth collie, would snatch up the shuttlecock when we missed. He just wanted to play, too.


  5. Caillou sounds like our Lily (a goldendoodle). The Great Scot, of course, loves fitba' (soccer) but so does Lily so whenever the soccer ball comes out the game is on! How much more fun would it be to have grandkids involved as well!

    Hmmm, firecracker cookies...make long, slender rectangles with red sugar and have licorice whips or twizzlers coming out of one end....


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