Thursday, March 07, 2013

I'm Ready For Spring

Today was much warmer here. I forgot to get the coffeemaker ready last night before bed so when I rolled out of bed this morning, I eased into the kitchen, took the grounds out of the maker and stepped to the deck to dump them into our compost can.
I stood barefooted on the deck and surveyed the sky. Zeus, our rooster began to stir and cock-a-doodle-doooood. I could hear his call echo through the hollow, and off in the distance, I heard another rooster answer his call. This always kicks off a contest. Boys are like that.
The sky overhead was cloudless except for the contrail of a passenger jet miles overhead. The sun was still below the eastern horizon but the vapor trail was high enough to catch the rays, and it looked like a thread of yarn the color of orange sherbet.
I stood there a long while drinking in the morning. Several shrubs in our yard are getting a jump on spring. The yellow bells, the ornamental plumb, and the buttercups are all showing out.
I don't start getting excited about spring until I begin to see things bloom and I know the changing season can't be far behind. I'm ready. 


  1. Me, too. Thanks, Rick for the beautiful visual.

  2. Such lovely images you create! I, too, am ready for spring but frigid Indiana is less than cooperative at the moment; I did, at least, catch a glimpse of the first robin of spring.

  3. Hoping to see more than the daffodils in a week or so! Happy Spring...wouldn't you love to catch a ride on one of those sherberty contrails!

  4. I love seeing those signs of spring... not much longer for us to wait... sandals and sweater weather... :)

  5. Ah the sound of roosters...such a great sound.

  6. I sense Spring is arriving there! I so remember waking up to the rooster crowing in the little barn/coop down behind my bedroom. What a dear memory that is. Nothing blooming here yet, Rick, except frost on the icicles- xo Diana

  7. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Spring's on its way in Seattle.. our lilac bush is showing green buds and the wood hyacinths are about 4" tall... love your description of the morning vapor trail... I'm your newest GFC follower and rss subscriber.

  8. Oh thats so wonderful to wake up to a roosters crow.
    I had my Cornelius. He was beautiful with colorful feathers but he wouldn't shut up from 3 am and the neighbors began to complain. No matter where I hid him in the house people could still hear him lol I would never complain but people do.
    I said from then on, only chickens and ducks who lay eggs Much but I did love him The kids and I sat watching TV with him and he loved his pats.

  9. Double AMEN! I spied small green things sprouting out of the ground not caring one bit that the temps are in the 20's at night..but during the day today it was 40 and it's suppose to rise this weekend..a sure sign that Spring is trying it's best to arrive! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I'm ready too, and I'm a winter person. Enough is enough.

    When is it that roosters crow hoarsely? Spring or summer? Does Zeus ever do that? I just saw some pictures at my friend Mary Ann's blog of Jackson, her turkey, displaying all his feathers so handsomely. Courtin' season is here! I watched our female and male mockingbird do their little courting dance all up and down my garden path today. So pretty to watch. Females rule now!


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