Sunday, March 10, 2013

Late Winter Sun

I've gotten swept up in spring fever this week, even though I know there will be more cold weather. The Master Gardener's class last week was about plant propagation. We learned how to start plants from stems, flowers, seeds, and cuttings.
I have a tray full of holly, blueberries, peppers, and African Violets sitting on our table that I started last Monday.
I came home that evening and ordered apple trees, a fig tree, and more blueberry bushes. They arrived Friday just as we were about to head out of town, but I slid my hand in my pocket, fished out my pocket knife and opened the cardboard shipping container.
I untangled each plant from the shipping plastic, put them in a #3 wash tub and soaked the roots. I then scratched up a tub full of leaves from under the water oak with my fingers. The earth beneath the leaves was dark as fudge and smelled like I imagine the earth smelled before time.
 I talked to each plant and promised I'd get them in the ground soon. I'm not sure they could hear me, but I hope they sensed the loving vibes I sent their way.
Today the sun was crazy warm. The wind out of the west was still a little chilly, but not so chilly that I didn't take advantage of the late winter rays.
I dug holes in the earth deep enough to bury a pet, I placed the plants in their holes, filled it with compost and water, and then tamped around loose soil around them.
It could take years before some of the trees are in full production, but they never will start bearing fruit if I don't plant them.
Tonight, my arms feel as if I've boxed Mike Tyson for 15 rounds, except I still have both my ears.
I hope you all remembered to spring forward you clocks last night. I did, and I've still been late all day.
Have a great week.


  1. There is nothing in the world that gives the same satisfaction as placing a plant in God's green Earth. I can't wait till I can start digging this summer-xo Diana

  2. Once the weather perks up (i.e. it stops snowing and the temp goes +1 degree! LOL!) I too hope to emulate your example here - well not so much planting trees but doing up my sadly neglected pots!! Yay!! Take care

    1. Spring will be there before you know it :)

  3. I really want to plant a garden this year I believe. You've inspired me Rick!!

  4. I love the smell you described. When Dad cold plowed the field after the thaw, that rich earthy smell filled the air.

  5. We have these 2 tiny blueberry bushes. I'm always saying that there's something not right about them...they don't grow. Jack won't give up. He's always trying something new to fix the soil. I give him credit, he's not a quitter! Even though it's been atleast 3yrs. I still have to get blueberries at the grocery store. Oh well, you are on farmer fire my friend and I wish you the best of fertilizer luck!


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