Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LIfe is Good

I feel as if I'd run back to back marathons the last few days. I'm spent, my knees squeak when I stand, and my face is windburned and red as an apple, but the downed trees are out of our yard, our fence is up (sort of), and our chickens are happy. Plus, the power's back on and I just had a warm shower. Life is good.
Thanks to all my blog buddies for your kind words. When I finally got access to the internet, I had hundreds of emails.
Hopefully after a good nights rest, I'll be back in the saddle.


  1. Definitely get some rest, you have had quite the ordeal... being without power for so long is awful... :-(

  2. You sure got the workout. Hope that your gig goes smoothly.
    Get some rest.
    Best of luck.

  3. Nice piece of property you have there, Rick. Once you get her all cleaned up, I mean. lol

  4. might not want to get in the saddle until you check for straight line winds! Glad all is better in your corner of the world- xo Diana

  5. Whoa! I am off the blogs for a few days and miss you and Jilda dealing with Mother Nature! I'm so sorry you had such a storm. Happy you both are safe and life is returning to normal. I've decided to think of you and Jilda as Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. Please stay on this side of the rainbow..

  6. I'm happy for the hens and for you and Jilda that it is all over.

  7. It does make you feel good to know you put in a good days work with results. It really makes you sad to see all this mess though The poor chickens must have freaked and your neighbor
    must have been very upset too.
    When you said power outage ... you meant

    I'll never take anything you say for granted again lol

  8. I'm glad you and Jilda are safe and sound Rick.

  9. Glad you and Jilda survived it all. That is the only thing that is truly important.

  10. It's such a relief when the power returns & that first shower feels like the best shower ever! Glad you're safe and getting back to normal.

  11. Glad you're getting back to business! I really can appreciate your loving that hot shower. I hate when we lose power and the well pump can do it's thing. Take it easy and get rested for the weekend! Happy you and Jilda are OK and the chickens too!

  12. Yay the power is back. Glad that you have your life back in order. Jilda must be happy too.


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