Saturday, March 23, 2013

Muted Celebration

On top of the storm stuff, our clothes drier died. We had a mountain of funky smelling clothes. I know that's probably more information that you required on a Saturday night, but I'm just saying.
We've bought new washer/driers in the past that didn't last. The last time we bought a drier we bought from a local guy that rebuilds older appliances -- not newer ones with plastic parts, but ones built to last.   I don't recall how much the last one costed, but I do remember smiling as I wrote the check, because I feared it would cost a lot more.
We've used it over 6 years before it died. Yesterday we stopped by his shop and picked out a new drier.  I'd planned on taking the old drier out, disposing of it, and then picking up one at local shop.
As I paid for the newly rebuilt drier, I asked just for kicks if he delivered. He said sure. For $40 he not only delivered and installed the new drier, but he'd haul off the old one.
I could have hugged his neck.
We'd planned to go out tonight with friends to celebrate Jilda's birthday, but the weather radar is showing another nasty line of weather heading our way, so we elected to stay home.
As it turns out, we were both exhausted from the recovery efforts this week. So we stayed at home, had a nice dinner, sipped on a nice bottle of prosecco sparkling wine and watched a movie.
The phone rang all day long, and she's still replying to all the Facebook "Happy Birthday wishes" she received.
We're about to turn in for the night, but we'll be sleeping in our football helmets just in case things get nasty :)


  1. It's always the basics that keep us going! Sounds like a birthday celebration that was apropos for your week. Hope it's a quiet night.

  2. Hopefully things will not get nasty. It's good to know you had a lovely time together to celebrate Jilda's birthday. Take care.

  3. I hope you got a good night's sleep and that the helmets weren't too hard to sleep in! I am glad you had a nice, quiet celebration at home. Sometimes those are the best ones of all.
    My old Maytag washer and dryer are still going strong after 18 years and only one repair for the washer. They made those old ones to last. Hope you have Jilda have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  4. Maytag. Yeah. Maytag. Horrible rain here. Thunderstorms. Pouring rain. Thunder. Lightning. Rain and more rain. Back yard is a pond. I'm staying home in my jammies.


  5. Happy Birthday Jilda!!!
    I think sometimes its best to enjoy a quiet evening like you two did.
    It's more special that way.

    Today machines don't break.They can always be fixed and this is why I don't understand why they charge so much for them.
    The fancier they make them the more trouble you get.

    It's just clothes that need washing that's all. So you are right to get the recycled ones.
    Today they sell these fridges with push button ice makers.
    People just push holes through the panels. Amazing.
    Then you have to sit and fiddle with the ice maker all the time.
    So why not just have plain ice cube trays or buy the ice ready made from the store.In the long run it's easier and cheaper.

  6. Sometimes the hard things in life help you appreciate the mundane and celebrate harder, the special! Jilda's birthday, while quiet, probably seemed really poignant after the storm and cleanup. Congrats to her and hope the night in a football helmet left you both none the worse for the wear!!

  7. You are having some tense moments with all this bad weather and I hope that you'll soon have some fair weather.
    They don't built machine as tough as they use to and they are getting more expensive and short
    lived. It's a conspiracy, just like cars...

    Hope that this new week is better.


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