Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meditation Rock

It's been a low-key day here at the Watson household. No marathons here. We did take our morning walk with the dogs down to meditation rock.
Meditation rock (My name for it) is about 300 yards behind the barn and overlooks a small stream. Even when the summer sun in brutal, the farm is like a steam room, and there's no rain in sight, the little stream has a trickle of water bubbling on its destination southward. 
You can be wound as tight as a tenor banjo string, and ready to turn the big nasty loose on anyone if they look at you wrong.....then a few moments sitting on meditation rock listening to the gurgle of water over smooth stones, and your mind untangles. The turds will live another day, thanks to this little piece of heaven.
I usually feel taller after sitting there a while looking at the sky, and inhaling mother nature's perfume.
I've bitten off a great deal to chew lately. Jilda and I are playing a lot, I'm marketing a book, taking the Master Gardener's class, and also an online songwriting class from
Today as we stood for a moment on meditation rock, I thought to myself, "I need to spend some quality time here to clean my mental house."
I hope you all have had a good weekend. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. May you all be blessed with the Luck of the Irish.


  1. Your rock sounds like a place I have up in the woods here. Everyone should have a special spot to contemplate life! I hope your weekend is good. It's great to be busy and you and Jilda do so much and don't let things slow you down. I'm hoping even this Greek gal can grab some of that Irish luck....I already have plenty of "blarney"!

  2. Since I live in the city I don't have little brooks close by but I love sitting out in my backyard early in the morning watching the sky and hearing the birds or seeing the squirrels. Those things clear my mind to start the day :)

  3. There's something about the sound of running water, even if it's just a little bit, that is worth its weight in gold for its soothing powers. Happy St. Paddy's~

  4. Beautiful post and beautiful painting.

  5. Lovely post, and now that's you've identified the problem- cleaning your mental house shouldn't be much of a problem I am sure. Good luck and Happy st Pats!

  6. Thanks Rick. And I send you and Jilda some St Patties' blessings as well.
    Meditation rock is a nice place to visit.
    I used to have a similar place I liked going to.
    It Zens you into a peaceful frame of mind.
    When you can smile at the turds,lol you are on your way to heaven lol

  7. And wishing you the luck of the Irish on cleaning your mental house :)


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