Friday, March 15, 2013

Out of Gas

We're getting a late start tonight. Jilda and I played in Huntsville which is about a hour and a half one way. Emma's Tea Room is a great singer/songwriter room. There were some awesome songwriters there.
Our friend Mark and his friend Elise who live in Huntsville came, and I had a chance to meet one of my blog followers, Gina Green who also lives in the Huntsville area.
One of my favorite parts about playing is the opportunity to meet people. Singer/songwriters are a fun bunch by nature, and people that come to hear original music are the reason we keep chugging away.
I'm updating this post just under the wire tonight. I'm out of gas and can't think of much to say.
I'll do a better job tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you and Jilda had a wonderful time. What fun to meet someone from the blogging world-xo Diana

  2. It must have been cool to meet someone from the blogger world. Some one who blogs from Ohio was almost behind the mountains around in our neighborhood. I told her that and she said that she will let me know if she happens to be in New York City next time.


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