Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Cold day

I could hear the earth crunching under my feet as I walked this morning. It resembled the sound shredded wheat makes when I eat it each morning.
Tiny stalagmites protruded up from the red clay and pine straw. The dogs usually love cold weather, but the temps were a little extreme for them too, so they walked by my side puffing tiny clouds out their noses as they walked.
I wrapped a warm scarf around my face, but I still got ice crystals in my beard. I made one lap and headed back to the fireplace.
Once the sun cleared the trees, the day warmed considerably, but it remained in the 20s today. Tonight won't be quite as cold as last night. Hopefully I'll be writing about something other than the weather soon.
I stepped out on the deck this evening to dump some scraps into the compost bucket and when I looked off to the west, the sky was emerald green fading to aquamarine and then to topaz.
Y'all stay warm.


  1. Pretty picture!
    I went out with wet hair this morning and it froze, at 1 below 0. But the temp should be in 30s tomorrow, and in the 50s this weekend. Such fluctuation!

  2. Love the emerald sky....

  3. We just keep waiting for above zero weather...they said it was a few degrees above zero today, but you could have fooled me. Here's hoping...soon!

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Another beautiful photo!!

  5. Stumbled across your blog - looks good - following you as A Bit About Britain. Great photo - reminds me of 'Hotel California' - despite the different colours (and temperature!).

  6. Makes me glad to be wrapped up warm indoors. Not quite so cold over here in the UK, but getting there.

    Moody Writing

  7. Wow...what a view! I think it would be worth suffering the cold for such a sight *smiles*
    I would never tire of your posts about the weather. They are always so fascinating.:)

  8. That photo is a show stopper.

  9. I bet this cold weather presents some good photo opportunities though!!

  10. I think we are ready for a little warmer weather. At least above freezing!!

  11. I've never seen the sky that color at sunset. Amazing color.
    I'm sick of the frigid temperatures, snow and ice, frozen pipes and water bowls in my end of the barn. I want summer warmth again...



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