Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lemon Tree, Very Pretty

Our great room looks like a terrarium in winter. We've had avocado, orange, lemon, and grapefruit trees for years. Several of them must be pruned in late fall so that we can get them inside.
Even with a 14 foot ceiling, some of the trees simply won't fit after growth spurts in summer.
We've never had one to bloom. I'm guessing they need mates of something, but to be honest I've never researched it to find out why they aren't blooming. The thing is, it never really mattered. I enjoy them being inside because then seem to bring a little piece of summer in with them.
Last fall someone told Jilda that there was a breed of lemon trees that was guaranteed to bloom in January.
When the tree arrived, it was a little tike....about two feet tall, but it looked healthy. We planted it in a deep pot, and left it on the deck.
When the weather turned nasty, we brought the little tree inside and left it by the garden door which faces south.
Earlier this week I'd had appointments in town and when I returned, I could tell by the look on Jilda face that she was excited about something.
She called me to the garden door to look at the lemon tree. It was full of blooms. It looks like we'll have small lemons soon.


  1. Beautiful! I have always wanted to have a lemon tree, but that doesn't seem possible here in the Midwest! Title of your post immediately got me singing the old song...

  2. It's funny how a plant in bloom can lift your spirits and make you excited about life.

  3. It must be so nice to not have a black thumb like mine. I hope that you soon have lemons to brighten your plate :)

  4. Oh how exciting. : )
    Must be nice with all those plants growing inside during the winter.

  5. It is very hard to grow a Lemon Tree. It must be exciting to see one bloom.

  6. Dear Rick, this is really exciting. I so hope you'll share photographs with us of the lemons emerging and growing. Peace.

  7. How fun! My Mom has a lemon tree that had little lemons on it last time I was home....Christmas! She got hers at Home Depot in the summer. I keep looking for one around here but no luck. That might be the one plant I would try to not kill if I brought it inside! Hope there's lots of lemonade in your future!

  8. Here in Adelaide there are lemon trees everywhere. It's ridiculously easy to grow them in our climate. When I was a child almost every single back yard had one and an orange tree too. People had bucket loads of lemons every year, they made lemon cordial, lemon butter, lemon meringue pies.
    You may not get fruit unless your tree is a self-pollinator. Since it has flowers, I'd say it is. Good luck.

  9. Citrus blossoms are so perfect. Crisp, white and the most amazing perfume on earth. Enjoy! :-)


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