Thursday, January 23, 2014


Once while visiting cousins, I saw a curious cylinder sitting on her window sill. I was about 10 at the time. She saw that I was interested so she stepped over to the window, picked it up and carefully handed it to me. "You look through here,"  as she pointed to one end that looked almost like a telescope.
She instructed me to look toward the light coming through the window, while slowly turning the tube.
The blast of color was like nothing I'd ever seen. It was stunningly an ever-changing stained glass window.
She must have realized I was mesmerized, so she left me turning the kaleidoscope, and went into the living room to be with the other kids who were visiting.
I lost all concept of time, but a while later, my mom called to me that it was time to go home. I gently placed the instrument on the sill and headed home.
Fast forward to a few months ago -- I was perusing the app store looking for another photography app, when I came across a kaleidoscope app. I immediately downloaded it.
While the computer images weren't as stunning as the real thing, I almost drained my battery watching the stream of changing color.
I learned how to do a screenshot, which is where this image came from.
May your days be filled with color.


  1. What a great picture Rick... I love kaleidoscopes too...they can be pretty mesmerizing ;-)

  2. The first time I looked through a kaleidoscope, I was mesmerized too. Wish I could make a quilt from your captured image.

  3. I wonder if everyone remembers their first kaleidoscope experience. Yours seems to have been with a well made instrument, great mirrors. Mine was a paper tube, probably from the five and dime with my weekly allowance, but no less enchanting.

  4. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I've ALWAYS loved kaleidoscopes!!

  5. Beautiful...I loved kaleidoscopes when I was little! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have a kaleidoscope now and it's lovely, but not a patch on the one I had as a child. Things seemed to be made better quality back then.

  7. Nice to be reminded. I used to love those things. It's easy to forget the simple pleasures of childhood (children often do!).

  8. I haven't looked through a kaleidoscope since I was a little boy. This brought back memories!

  9. We could all use a little extra colour, especially here in the UK where skies are grey and grimy.

    Moody Writing


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