Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spank the procrastinating monkey

I've been yawning all day. I slept good last night, and I do recall any harrowing dreams, but today has been one of those low-energy days.
I had two assignments from one of the Birmingham newspapers. I interviewed a writer whose new children's book Maple comes out in February. She was a delightful lady.
It would have been easy to postpone the interview until I was a little more energetic, I pushed through it and knocked out the story this afternoon. I'm glad I did.
My questions for you tonight, do you ever feel the need to procrastinate? Why do you think we procrastinate? And, do you have any tools or techniques you use to spank the procrastinating monkey?
Any tips you share would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I spend my life procrastinating, with an occasional foray into actually doing something.

  2. When I find myself about to procrastinate instead of getting the job done, I tell myself to take a few minutes for myself and come back ready to work. I usually give myself some time, so I don't burn out and really lose track of what's important! Then I come back refreshed and ready to work. You have to give yourself a break every so's too short not to take some time to enjoy it

  3. I hate low-energy days! But even high-energy me can procrastinate! Usually I put on high-energy music, dance around a few minutes, and decide how long can I stand doing whatever it is that I am postponing. Then I set the timer and do it that long. Nine times out of ten, that gets me going. The one time it doesn't, I stop and come back at it again a little later. Happy weekend to you!

  4. I procrastinate when I really don't want to do something.
    Then I think of something I'd like to do. Then I tell myself I can't do it until I do the thing I don't want to do. : ) It usually works.
    As I rule though, I'm not one that procrastinates.

  5. It's strange how our brains will sometimes work against us, like making us nervous when we need to be calm. Procrastination is never helpful and serves no good purpose as far as i can tell but we all experience it. Maybe it's a way to strengthen our resolve and exercise a little will power?

    Moody Writing

  6. I procrastinate and than do all that I can to catch up... it is a terrible habit for me, one I could like to break eventually... I did well last Spring, Summer and Fall ... I think my energy has gone with the long cold winter here... ;)

  7. I try not to procrastinate very much - especially at work. But I definitely do procrastinate with the laundry sometimes :)

  8. After a lifetime of practise I have procrastinating down to a fine art...

    Ms Soup


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