Sunday, January 05, 2014

Safe and warm

We got to bed much later last night. The gig lasted until 9 p.m. and afterwards we helped our friend and soundman Fred load out all the equipment. By the time we got home and did short blog posts, we were beat. We slept in this morning which is rare for us.
The weathermen say we have the coldest weather in 19 years headed our way. I half expected it to be too cold to walk, but we put on our rain gear and headed out.
The air was thick with mist, and warmer than I expected...only in the 40s. Jilda whipped up a batch of her world famous beef stew and as we ate, I heard the wind. Not a gentle rustling of leaves on the deck, but a sound that only comes a strong-steady wind in the pines.
I set down my fork and stepped to the screen porch to get a realtime update and realized the temp is dropping like a stone. Later tonight we'll have freezing rain, sleet and possibly some snow.
I understand my friends to the north in Illinois, Ohio, and points north and east are getting hammered.
Thankfully I went out after our late coffee and repaired our generator in case the power goes off.
Y'all stay safe and warm.


  1. We have had it with the snow and below freezing weather here in Chicago. Everything is shutting down because it is so cold...schools, etc. Hope whatever is coming your way is mild in comparison!

  2. I hope the cold snap doesn't last too long, some parts of North America are in a nasty cold spell. We have had a little but nothing in comparison... I wear snow pants now and I love them ... no unnecessary freezing anymore :)

  3. We had temps of -27 C with a windchill of -38 C last week. Now it's just above zero C with freezing rain and getting colder later giving us very icy conditions. A pretty normal January for Montreal, really.

    I'm glad that you and Jilda are prepared to be safe and warm during your cold snap. Beef stew sounds just about perfect :)

  4. If there is one thing I really love, it is being snug and warm indoors and listening to the wind moaning through the trees outside!
    Don't believe we'll have any snow here though, just more rain and floods:/

    That stew sounds wonderful :)

  5. I live out in western Maryland and we are getting quite a blast of the cold air too. Snowing again and the temperatures are steadily going downward today.

  6. Hi Rick,

    We have been watching on over here in Britain in regards to your cold snap. We batten down the hatches as we keep getting pummelled by Atlantic storms. My friend, you folks stay safe and warm.


  7. You and Jilda stay safe and warm too! Happy New Year!!! Take care

  8. It will drop 50 degrees by tomorrow morning here in Florida. I feel terrible for the rest of the country. Hope it warms up soon!

  9. I love your photo. It is bone chilling cold in Toronto tonight.

  10. Favorite Young Man said it was fairly warm when he rode his bicycle to work this morning. It was not warm coming home, and it will be colder when he goes to work on Tuesday.



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