Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Empire snow

The weather people assured us as late as this morning that the snow would be south of Birmingham, which is an hour south of here.
The Magic City might see a few flurries, they said. People here took the weatherfolk at
their word and went about their merry way.
As it turns out, they weren't too far off. It only snowed about an inch here and just a little more in Birmingham, but the ground was already frozen from the last few nights and that little inch of powdery snow, when it got packed down, turned the roads and interstates into a  skating rink.
We've had friends and kinfolk who've spent the day stranded in their cars. The governor has called out the National Guard to help rescue people on the highway.
It's a mess.
Most of our folks finally made it home within the last hour, but they will have stories to tell for years to come.
Here at the Watson compound, we've spent the day writing, reading, and eating which is as it should be when it snows. 
I've also heard there's a bounty on the heads of our weatherfolk. They might want to winter in Miami :)


  1. We had a lot of ice this morning, it seemed to melt quickly though... that is my fear... ice...

    Snow is fine... ice not so much :-/

  2. LOL, Rick- It is awful when it snows in the South- people are not prepared and not used to driving in it-most do NOT proceed with caution.

    Three weathermen (various stations) lived in the same complex my son did a few years ago. They said if they got the weather correct 47% of the time they were considered excellent in the field. I told him I was glad they weren't doctors. xo Diana

  3. We didn't have the snow here, for a change, but we did have horrendously cold temperatures. Baking is called for when it's cold and so I baked, a lot!
    Outwith not knowing how to drive on snow/ice in the South, you simply don't have the millions of dollars of equipment and sand, etc... it takes to make the roads safer; yours was the smart way of dealing with it.
    You and Jilda stay safe and warm!

  4. When you're not used to snow it can cause havoc.
    It's one reason I like living where it snows. People just go about their business.
    It's no big deal.

  5. Your roads made our local news. A car on its back, like a turtle, slipping around from its weight and the grade. I smile about my dear niece who moved to Georgia to avoid winter. As she does, most of the time.


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