Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yo yo

The sun returned today, and by midday it was warm enough to go out without a jacket and gloves. 
I had a meeting at lunch, but afterwards I came home as Jilda prepared to head out to work. I had the afternoon to myself.
There were mountains of cardboard boxes in our pantry, so I took them out to the shed to store until I get to the recycling place in Birmingham.
I remembered that one of our kitchen plugs was loose on the wall. Every time we unplug the blender, it feels as if it's coming out of the wall with the plug.
So while I was in the shed, I collected a few tools and some longer screws to do that little repair job. 
One of my resolutions this year was to do something to improve our home each day. Whether it's touching up scratched paint on one of the walls, reattach a piece of molding that comes loose each time we pull the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, or fix a loose wall plug. I smiled to myself as I snugged up the last screw on the outlet.
When I returned the tools to the shed, I scooped a few ounces of corn for the deer. As I stepped back inside the yard and latched the gate, I leaned against the fence and admired the setting sun.
It was hard to imagine that later tonight we're supposed to have snowfall. It seems harder to adjust to winter here when the temps are like a yo yo.


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    You sound like you are at peace with yourself--& that you LOVE your life!!

  2. Your yo yo sounds like a little piece of heaven to me! Sounds like a beautiful day!

  3. oh p l e a s e send some snow down here, its 42 degrees in the shade.
    Now lets be nice and share :)
    Like your Resolution. Mine is to put things away behind me.

  4. We have been having a bit warmer spell, although anything is warm after the really cold weather we had... It is hard to get adjusted when it changes on a dime... great picture Rick :)

  5. Couldn't come and fix a few things at our place could you?

  6. The Sun? What is that? haha
    I adore the picture. It is so beautiful. :)

  7. Such a good idea to improve something each day in your home. We could use some cardboard boxes in preparation for my human's impending move.

    Yo yo and we aint had no snow in lil' ol' England.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  8. Tell me about it. It gets down to 45 in the night, and the days have been in the high 80s. Crazy winter.

  9. Hey, what's that, I hear it's your Birthday big guy. Happy Birthday Rick. I like that new year 's resolution. Maybe you could come over to my house and fix my vacuum wall plug in. It feels like it's gonna come out of the wall any time now..

  10. We're experiencing Yo Yo weather here in Colorado too. Lucky house! Mine could use someone handy with tools! My husband and I are the blind leading the blind! LOL Have a good one!


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