Sunday, January 19, 2014

Home from the beach

I probably take too many pictures. At least now, it doesn't cost me a small fortune for film, and developing. When I learned to develop my own black and white photos, it saved a little, and I had some control of the finished product, but it was still expensive.
These days with a great little camera in my pocket, I snap photos of everything.  I try not to share the mundane stuff, but we are a visual people. We love photographs.
When I read blogs that talk about children and grandchildren, I like seeing a picture of those youngun's.
Some people can paint pictures with words, but most of us rely on photographs to help tell the story.
The few days we spent at the beach were beautiful. Even though the wind off the ocean was cold, the sun was warm on my face.
Every time we go there are always some shells, but only a few times in my life has the beach been
covered with shells as thick as gravel. Some of them were stunning.
We walked both days until our legs were rubbery.
Yesterday evening the sun set at 5:13 p.m.
I took this photo with the iPhone and my Hipstamatic app.


  1. I'm glad you snap so many pictures Rick... I've seen so many amazing shots ♡

  2. Oh yes, much better with the digitals, funny sometime I still think I am using film.. Good entry

  3. I love the's my peaceful place! Your picture is beautiful!

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    You do NOT take too many pictures!!

  5. oh yes photos make a blog. Beautiful photo. I love playing around with PhotoIpact but my results are not nearly as good as yours.

  6. The ocean and the mountains.....two places that have my heart!
    Beautiful photographs. I can't believe the amount of shells on the beach. Incredibly beautiful!

  7. I thought, until I enlarged it, there might be a shard of a flag pin in the upper left quadrant of the shell picture. Lovely photos.

  8. What a lovely stroll across the beach! Yay! Take care

  9. Oh yes, I love to take pictures too as you probably already know. : )
    I carry my little camera with me always.

  10. Your beach photo is so lovely. I rec'd a new camera Christmas and a Photo shop program. So fun to experiment.

  11. Aren't digital cameras the BEST? I used to be so bad about taking pictures, film might sit in my camera for years before I finally finished a roll and got it developed. For our first child, there were a bazillion pictures. Our third was lucky to get a baby pic and one from graduation. (A slight exaggeration.) Now, it's soooo easy to take pictures and simply delete the less than stellar ones.

    Your sunset picture is gorgeous.


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