Monday, January 06, 2014

We dodged a bullet

Before turning in last night, we brewed some tea and drank it as we watched the Weather Channel. 
Even a 10 p.m. they were predicting snow and ice for us. It had been windy for most of the day but the temps didn't drop until after sunset.
As we sat sipping the tea, I heard the wind begin to blow hard and steady in the trees. I held my breath waiting for it to didn't.
We laid down about 10:30 and I'd just fallen asleep when I heard the unmistakable buzz of crossed power lines.  When I opened my eyes, it looked like an arc welder in our yard. 
Caillou was off his bed and in our bedroom in an instant and it was all I could do to keep him from jumping in bed with us.
I just knew our power was going off.....but it didn't
This morning when I woke up, it was about 15 degrees outside, but I could tell most of the clouds had moved off to the east. We got a few flurries but no major snow or ice for us this time.
At one point we looked down into the field near the apple tree and five young deer had come out of the woods looking for food.
The sun stayed out most of the days, but the wind made the temps brutal.
I went out this evening and bought a new heater to put in our chicken pen. I didn't want our feathered friends to freeze.


  1. This weather has been crazy everywhere! Is it too early to wish for spring?

  2. It's about 30 below right now...I'm ready for Spring too!

    1. HolyMoly, that's cold. I don't like wishing my life away, but I too am ready for spring :)

  3. The township's two road guys are taking it in turn to watch the roads. I asked the one on yesterday how it was going. It seems the roads are no problem, from inside a heated cab, but a day in the brutal cold installing new radiant heating inside his chicken coop and weatherproofing the outside was brutal.

  4. It is bone chilling cold here in Orange County New York. The temp is ten below zero. We are trying to keep warm.
    I hope that you guys are keeping warm too.

  5. Glad you dodged that electricity bullet! It could have been miserable. Yikes!

  6. I guess its pretty cold all over. Minus 10 degrees here this morning. The coldest weather I've ever been in.
    I feel sorry for all the animals out there!!

  7. Thanks for taking care of the chickens. I have threatened to remove body parts from people who don't take care of the critters dependent on them.


  8. You were lucky Rick. Downed power lines could have wreaked havoc. Stay warm my friend.

  9. I'm glad your power stayed on. You would have frozen solid!

  10. So glad you dodged that power line...could've been catastrophic!
    And your thoughtfulness towards the chickens really touched my heart. Thank you, Rick :)

  11. Glad you dodged the bullet!! All I am thinking is that I am dreading seeing my electric bill this month lol.


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