Friday, January 03, 2014


We had dinner tonight at the local Mexican Restaurant with some of our best friends. Apparently a lot of us wanted to get the New Year off to a good start by breaking bread (or chips and salsa) together.
In the past, we spent most weekends with these folks.
Tom and Judy, (Tom is the other bearded guy and Judy is sitting next to the red-hat lady) have a beautiful place on the river. It's the perfect place to gather, cook out, water ski, swim, and enjoy each other's company.
Through the years it seems we all became too busy doing things that none of us can quite remember. As it turns out, nurturing friendship is one of the most important activities one can do with ones' life.
None of that matters now. Tonight we laughed, gave personal updates, told jokes, and enjoyed being with each other.
So as of January 3, 2014
Facetime 1
Facebook 0


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Here's to Facetime!!

  2. This is a really good idea, to keep track like this.
    I've already turned down an invitation to go out once this year - my social anxiety is crippling sometimes. But usually, when I do make it there, I'm so happy to see the people I love. I just need a push.

  3. I've never succumbed to Facebook ... I was put off when one of my (actual) friends told me I should sign up because then she could share my blog with her (FB) friends! I suggested she could just 'tell' her actual friends about it if she enjoyed it, but apparently it could only be done via FB! Go figure!!

  4. I do find Facebook a bit fake, there is nothing like face time and getting to know what your friends true status is!

  5. The perfect way to begin a new year...time spent with good friends.
    May you have much more Facetime throughout the coming year! :)

  6. Wonderful! We spent the night taking care of the granddaughter who didn't make it to 8pm and we were not far behind her. Happy New Year!

  7. If it weren't for breakfast and lunch with friends I probably would implode. We text message a lot,though, arranging hookups. Points off?
    Keep warm and enjoy the snow.

  8. That is awesome Rick, I am working on more facetime too :)

  9. Good for you! Actually being with people is so much more interesting and memorable!


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