Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wish you were here

We have friends who travel a great deal. We often get postcards from exotic locales that say, "Wish you were here."
Jilda and I both love to travel but we don't get the chance as often as we'd like.  But sometimes we do get out of town and recently we had an opportunity to spend a few days at the beach. Jilda snapped the photo below at sunset. The ever-changing light repaints the sky each second. I hated to blink because I didn't want to miss a shade.
We buy a lottery ticket each time we go to the beach and swear that if we hit the big numbers that will buy our own place and spend more time there.
For all our friends in colder climes, if we do hit it big, we'll buy a place with lots of bedrooms and invite you to winter with us. But for now, here's your postcard -- "Wish you were here."


  1. I hope you win! We often say the same thing...who knows? Anything's possible!

    1. I loved the comment you shared on Google + .
      Thanks Jodee.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Buddy,
      Stay warm up there.

  3. When you and Jilda win the lottery, I am coming to visit... lol :)

  4. Wow...wish I were there too...I adore the beach!
    Fingers crossed for would be wonderful to live beside the sea.:)

  5. Ahhh relaxing, is a good sunset!

  6. What sweet comments, I hope you win! - I do happen to live in So Cal at the beach. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful!

  7. Hope you win your lottery so you can have your big house at the beach! Enjoy the travels adn wish you were here! Love that line. How many times all of us have had that sent or said to us. Blessings

  8. Great pic! I'll take you up on your offer if you win! today..I look out in the backyard and imagine all that snow is white sand...then I shovel it and come back to earth.....sigh

  9. Oh, I love the beach.

    That is the thing to do, its always other places that win the lottery!

  10. I'm even missing the beach and I'm 4 miles away. It's been too chilly here. What gives Rick?? lol. Glad you got to get away and I wish you a winning ticket. You guys deserve it.

  11. Did I miss your birthday!??! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Am just fashionably late as ever! LOL! Take care

  12. I hope that you win. Then you can travel and do a lot more.

  13. I hope you win so that I can come visit the beach house :)


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