Thursday, January 02, 2014

Social media

One of the goals I wrote in my journal on New Year's Eve was less Facebook, and more FaceTime with my friends and loved ones.
The nature of what I do has me sitting at this computer for many hours each day. In the past, I've found myself clicking over to Facebook to see what's going on. When I finally began to pay attention, I realized that I was spending too much time on there.
Social media is good in a lot of ways. It gives people the tools to keep up with their friends and family through words, pictures, and other cool stuff they share. It can be addictive.
But our lives are like sand in an hourglass, and mine has way more sand in the bottom than the top. I must not only be mindful how I'm spending my time, and vigilant in not wasting it with mindless activities.
When I floated this notion around, the feedback I got was mixed. Many people agreed, but some got a little snippy. Believe me, I would never criticize, or judge but I'm just saying what I feel is right for me.


  1. I agree with you completely....
    Warm hugs for you and Jilda.

  2. I have a Facebook account, but rarely look at it...only if a kiddo pots a pic of a grandkiddo. My blog is about all I can handle with social media. Time is precious and how we use it is our personal choice, but I agree with you. I'm hoping to keep my computer time at night limited so I move more and sit less! I stand all day but still feel like a slug if I sit for very long at night!

  3. I spend my entire workday in front of the computer, and then come home and spend the evening in front of it as well. I guess I should cut back...

  4. I'm so fortunate to be one of those old farts who doesn't understand social media well enough to use it extensively. Well, even a little bit, to be honest.

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I spend most of my day in front of the computer, but I'm glad I have it!! At my age (79) it's one of the few things that doesn't tire me out.

  6. I understand how you feel...I've had these same thoughts myself at times. It's hard to get away from social media when it's part of what you do, such as a blog. Still, I decided to try and keep it in perspective more and spend more time enjoying my here and now.

  7. I do spend far more time on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. than I really should. It's very addictive; especially those darned games! I think that it's time to start setting time limits on myself and actually stick to them. That's a goal worth acheiving this new year.

  8. Its easy to begin new things and then you have to sit and feed what you begin.
    So I limit it to emails and the blog. I mean on the blog I know the world reads it so I don't worry about it like people would on face book or twitter.
    But I guess when you have books written and need more people then you have to join more sites. It becomes more than a hobby. It's a job. Some of my blogger friends are doing quite well advertising and helping to promote each others books on line networking this way. And then , dealing with people this way means you are never alone. You are always with friends.
    Happy New year Rick.

  9. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

  10. Happy New Year to you and Jilda Rick! Great resoution!

  11. I agree with you Rick... FaceBook is a great way to keep in contact but it can be a huge time waster... I have to watch myself with the mindless clicking too... :)

  12. Greetings Rick,

    Just checked and I seem to have a lot of sand in my bottom :) Ah "Farcebook". everyone's favourite social "notworking" site. I try to stay well away from it. Well except for leaving up my incredible fascinating profile updates such as, "I have run out of toilet paper and had better go to the shop."

    Of course, I do use it to share postings of my fellow blogging friends. And hey presto, guess what...

    A most peaceful 2014 to you and Jilda.

    Gary :)

  13. I mainly use Facebook as a secondary domain to store picture albums. Most of my family are heavy Facebook users and I've come across squabbles between them as I lurked!! I'm just a quick visitor usually.

  14. One must do what one wants to do!

  15. I must not only be mindful how I'm spending my time, and vigilant in not wasting it with mindless activities. how to delete Facebook profile


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