Friday, January 31, 2014

The color of life

Life is colorful. Even in winter when dried leaves as thick as thatch cover the earth, there's color. 
There's color in the scent of pine, and the aroma of dark-roast coffee brewing on cold mornings. 
There's color in the sound of giggling children, or courting owls off in the distance.....or Canon in D Major playing softly as background music to the movie of your life.
There's color in the feeling of warm sun on your face. I experienced that first hand today when the sun came back with a vengeance. The cold weather retreated to the north and let the temps creep back into the 60s. 
I rolled the legs of my sweatpants up, and the sleeves of my sweatshirt and sat on the deck for a long while with my face tilted toward the sun. A jet so high the sound hide in the wind, left a chalky diagonal line across the blue sky. I took a mental snapshot to capture the color.
Later when I'd finished my work, I stepped back outside to take corn down to the field for the deer.
Then low-slung sun cast long shadows, but a beam of light filtered through the canopy and spotlighted our bottletree by the deck. I slid the iPhone from my pocket and snapped a photo.
The color was stunning. So here's a question for you? What provides color in your life?


  1. There is color in everything, we just want to have to see it... beautiful :)

  2. How right you are. Just this afternoon I sat in my swing looked up and saw a beautiful blue sky through the tree branches.
    I find color all around me.
    The snowman I built this afternoon is colorful too with the red earmuffs I put on him. : ) I would say enjoying each day puts color everywhere. My husband puts color in my life as well. And I must not forget to thank God for all of it. : )

  3. I don't have much color, but I do notice the sunrise in the mornings...the sky is so beautiful then. Otherwise, my daughter provides most of my color, even if she is grumpy and grouchy most of the time, she is still the light of my life.


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