Sunday, January 26, 2014

Missin' Fishin'

It's been too cold to fish so far this winter. I went one morning in November between cold fronts. The sun had come out warm but the water felt icy when I dipped my dry fly in the river to see how it behaved. 
I probably could have fished, but the wind out of the northwest made casting a weightless fly troublesome. It was like trying to push a rope.
After about an hour with frozen feet, I cranked in my fly line and walked back to the warmth of my truck cab, and headed home.
It wasn't an ideal day to fish, but it was a chance to spend a little time on the water.
It warmed into the upper 50s today, but the temps will drop like a stone in the morning and the weatherman is forecasting snow for the area.
I've been getting messages from my friends to the north of us and I realized that we just THINK it's cold here. 
Our cousin sent us a link to a forecast in Chicago that called for windchills around 30 below.
One piece I saw said there would be areas of record-breaking low temps up there.

I know it's hard to imagine, but in about a month, warm weather will slowly begin to come back into our lives, and we'll start thinking about gardening, fertilizing lawns and fly fishing. 
I for one, can't wait to get back on the water.

We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.
- Jacques Cousteau


  1. Thanks for the reminder Rick... it will be warm again... we just have to be patient and you will get back to the water. I am going to take more opportunities to get to the water too... :)

  2. I am sure the fish will still be there when the weather allows. Stay warm, too - so glad to not be in somewhere like Chicago, that's for sure

  3. It'll be here before you know it Rick. You probably get early springs in Alabama don't you?

    1. We do usually warm up fairly early each year. Last year it was cool and wet, so Mother Nature owes us a nice spring :)

  4. Awww hope you do get to fish soon - hope the weather perks up as well! Take care

  5. I have a cousin who lives "south of the Red River," wherever that is. I visited once in February; he had a garden in.

  6. Oh no you don't think its cold... that IS cold. Here I am in shorts/Tshirt wondering whether the air conditioner has to go on.
    I love fishing, when we were first married most weekends we were up at 4 am travelling to some water, breakfast whilst we fish. (Women catch the most? - at least in our family)
    Love the photo.

  7. Driving by the lake today we saw people ice fishing.
    Below zero temperatures are expected here tonight.

  8. Chicago has definitely been beyond cold, and we have certainly had enough snow, but you're right..spring is getting closer every day! We just have to hold that thought!


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