Saturday, August 16, 2014

Afternoon visitor

As Jilda and I sat reading and sipping green tea this afternoon, we had an afternoon visitor. This little doe wandered up in the yard and ate birdseed from our feeders. While she drank out of the birdbath, she looked through the glass curiously, as if to say, "What's for supper?"

She usually waits until nightfall because of the dogs. We can always tell when she visits because the feeders are licked clean. During this hot-dry spell, they usually drink the water from all our fountains at night.

We love watching our little visitors. A few days ago, about a dozen wild turkeys strolled through the garden long enough to munch corn. Later when we looked out, there were three young bucks dancing around.

I think they feel when it's time for the hunters, because they move deeper into the woods and you rarely catch a glimpse of them.
I'll miss them when they're gone.


  1. What a great sight to see and being able to capture it as a great keepsake photo ;-)

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Lovely photo. I can see why you love living where you do!!

  3. Strange how their instincts drive them to hide during hunting season. The ones here in the campground are close to tame, I wonder if they do the same. I love the large animals, they do fascinate.

  4. They are so beautiful, and I was so sad in Illinois and Maryland when they were hit by cars.


  5. Great picture...watching wildlife is always very interesting! Sounds like a great relaxing and peaceful!

  6. They are so pretty! We have many that stroll through the Pines. I think they feel safe in our hunting allowed, but they do tend to keep a low profile come November during hunting season.

  7. Sounds like you have lots of neat wildlife to watch!


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