Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sad garden

The wet-spring garden was slow to develop, but once the weather warmed, it was off to the races. However this year, it went from warm to hot and for the most part dry. Soon much of the garden was dry as tinder. It seems during dry summers, that no amount of city water makes it thrive.

So this has not been a banner year for bumper crops. It is my intention to experiment with raised beds with a small irrigation system. Raised beds are work intensive on the front end, but when built and laid out correctly, they tend to be less trouble over the long haul.

I stepped down this evening as the sun settled in the west. There's little left except a few puny tomatoes, and peppers. For some reasons, peppers love summers here.

I snapped this picture over the fence of the outer edge of sad little garden. It would probably be best to put it out of its misery and simply bush hog the entire plot.


  1. That is too bad about the garden, I don't have one where I currently live but there would have been a very small crop her too due to our winter being so long and our summer never got quite warm enough... I am hoping to have a garden in my next place, I will hope for better weather for both of us :)

  2. If I had more know how, I would have rain barrels and drip hoses.

  3. Sad end to a proud start. But there is always next year and the memories of the tomatoes and veggies earlier this year.. (smile)

  4. Sorry about the garden--it does make a good picture though! Raised beds sound like they would make it easier for next year. We have several large gardens; it's always a lot of work, but at least we get delicious home-grown vegetables!

  5. It's been a very odd summer overall hasn't it? Unseasonably cool for the most part (except recently) and drier than usual.

  6. That's a photo? That's incredible!
    Our summer has been cooler and less humid. Still wet, but I don't mind when it's not hot and sticky on top of it.

  7. Sorry your garden is sad maybe you should buy it some flowers to cheer it up..................lol

  8. You have heat...we have rain! You'd think we could bring it all together somehow to benefit all of us...oh well! I have a raised garden bed, and it's usually better than the rest of my garden beds. But this year with the rain, it seems to be having its moments as well...I guess we all just have to keep trying!


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