Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's a mystery to me

If you've ever studied quantum physics you probably know that on the quantum level, we are all energy and information. All the molecules of our bodies vibrate in a quantum dance.

One of the books I read talked about how some people vibrate at a higher frequency than others. It gave Mother Teresa as an example.

It went on to say that we all vibrate at a higher frequency when we're happy, and lower when we're feeling sad or down. 

I'm not sure how much of this is scientific fact, and how much is new-age hooey, but I do know that when I'm in the company of someone truly happy, it lifts my spirits too. 

If this is true for people, I can't help believe that it's also true for society as a whole. 

I can't watch the news these days because it seems that each channel is in competition with the other to see which one can report the most depressing story.

How is it that a society can make such phenomenal progress in medicine, technology, communications, earth sciences, etc., and not learn how to somehow get along with each other?

It's a mystery to me.

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  1. It's a mystery to me to Rick, I gave up watching the news ten years ago. I hear the important stuff and miss the endless barrage of bad news. I don't miss it :-D

  2. I agree with you. Over 40 years ago, I had a professor in college who said that once you read the Chicago Tribune, you'll hear nothing worse all day. Maybe a little extreme, maybe not, but it seems like that's the news today magnified!

  3. Such an interesting concept - that some people vibrate at a higher frequency than others. Makes you wonder...

  4. Nova showed something fascinating. They sent up probes to analyze the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and found water and even volcanoes, which means heat , inside these frozen
    balls, so far away from the sun. Now they want to actually find some physical proof of alien life which must exist.
    Sometimes one would like to escape.
    It was possible to do this before but not today.
    So now one looks to the stars for solace and peace. lol

  5. I study quantum physics all the time. Nothing but quantum physics for me. It's all I care about. Quantum physics keeps me too busy to watch the news. If I need to know about something, The Hurricane will email me.


  6. You solve that mystery, and people will be beating a path to your door.
    I love to be around positive people. Lifts me up tremendously.


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