Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sumac Sunday

A thunderstorm moved through earlier this evening. The lights blinked tentatively but the came back strong.
As the storm moved through, the thunder rattled my chest as lightning strobed to the north. Fortunately we didn't lose power.
I have a summons for jury duty tomorrow. I'm not real excited about it. Several years ago I received a federal summons.
There were over 30 others, but when the final selections were made, I was one of 13 left sitting in the box. There was no excitement, but felt it was my duty.
As it turns out, it was for a group of defendants in Birmingham accused of racketeering, and I spent over three months on jury duty that I thought would never end.
I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I served in the military overseas, spent time in Chicago, New York, and in a third-world country, but I heard and saw things during the trial that were shocking.  In the end, I knew for sure my second career would not be in law.
Serving on a jury is important work, but I'm hoping that I won't be selected to serve this time.
Sumac Sunday


  1. What a colorful picture. Neat.
    My wife had been called in two states we lived in, I was never called until I went deaf. It is an important assignment. I am amazed to learn court in reality is nothing like Barnaby Jones or Perry Mason. (smile) Shucks!

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I've served on several juries. I don't have to any longer because I'm too old--one of the FEW advantages of ageing!!

  3. I've been on the jury list but never had to serve. It's not anything I really want to do but will if called. I would hate to decide the fate of another's life...even if they deserve it! Glad the storm didn't do damage. Hope you have a good week!

  4. I've been called, but never got to serve and I really want to!

  5. I hope you do not end up on the jury long time. I was blessed to be done in one day.

  6. Wishing you luck, Rick...if you are chosen, may it be for a short duration.
    Love the Sumac photo! It grows in profusion around here and I adore it :)


  7. What a blood pretty photo

  8. I received a notice quite a few years ago that I would be called for jury duty and if I could not serve, to notify the court of the reason in writing. I wrote a letter about how I had returned to college and missing class would be a problem. They never called me. Thank you, God. I have been in court a few times (I was not the accused). The trials moved as slowly as football games.


  9. My coworker is currently on jury duty and has been missing a lot of work for it. She is NOT pleased :)

  10. Jury duty is usually an eye opening experience for any of us...mainly because most of us are law abiding and don't truly comprehend the criminal mind. For that, I am thankful. When I was on Grand Jury I heard about things that altered the way I look at was sad and a rude awakening about how low some humans will go.


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