Friday, August 08, 2014

Strange summer.

It's been low key this week since Jilda's treatment last Wednesday. So far, so good. Last month was a bear. Doctors decided she had something called serum sickness, which they feel was caused by too much medicine. They reduced the dose, hoping that would curb the symptoms.
She's done fine since Wednesday but she's rested a good bit more too. Today, while she got her haircut, I ran to the bank and did a few other errands.
Afterwards, when we got home we took a long leisurely Saturday afternoon nap. The phone jangled me back to reality. It was her brother and she talked for a few minutes before handing the phone back to me.
She was asleep again before I placed the phone on the coffee table. I lay back on the sofa, but I was awake.
A few moments later I heard the sound of rain rattling the roof. Rolling off the sofa, I stepped to the garden door.
I realized it was raining on our house. Less than three hundred feet away, the sun was shining on our apple tree.
It's been a strange summer.


  1. Sorry to hear Jilda was out of it. BUT the Hair cut usually helps the psyche if nothing else. The weather has been odd, but isn't it nice to see an incident like that, rain and sunshine. As a kid that used to thrill me no end. GET OUT AND enjoy it, and I did.

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    On the big island of Hawaii we used to be able to walk into & out of the rain!!

  3. I'm glad Jilda doesn't feel as bad as she did last month ...

    I love weather like that... I think it's cool to witness this :-)

  4. I really, really like that photo. Is that garden in the distance the one whee all the Wonder Vegetables grow?

    Ms Soup

  5. Sleep is a great way to get rejuvenated. I hope that Jilda will be back to normal tomorrow.

    How lucky is that to be singled out by this rain cloud. I'm sure your garden will benefit. We're having sun and showers on and off all day today. I'm taking the day off after feeding my calves tomorrow and going to the lake and my son will feed my babies. The sun is supposed to shine.

  6. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

    Janie, who is waving her magic wand

  7. We have had a lot of that kind of weather here this year...strange indeed!


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