Saturday, August 30, 2014


It's been a long time since we've had rain. Clouds to the west and east had drenched swaths of Alabama, but none here.

When I looked at radar this morning, it looked as if today would be no different, but Jilda woke up with aching shoulders and wrists. As I wiped sleep from my eyes with the back of my hands, she rolled over and said, "It's gonna rain today." But as added insurance, I washed my truck.

I'd worn my shoes so thin that you could have thrown a soccer ball through in places, so we went in to town to buy me a new pair. I'd actually rather have shingles than to buy new shoes, but I knew resistance would be futile. So we loaded up and headed into town to shop for footwear.

Jilda's sister Pat went with us, and after buying a new pair of spiffy new shoes, I treated the girls to lunch at the new Cracker Barrel that opened out on the freeway.

We took a seat by the window and as we waited for food, we could see rain in the distance. It looked like fog, but you rarely see fog at noon in August here. The temps were in the 90s but off to the east, you could see cloud to cloud lightning.

It rained for a moment at the restaurant, but only long enough to turn the parking lot into a steam room. I wondered if the rain had passed us by again.

When we got home, it was overcast and I could hear thunder off to the west. Soon I heard it coming. It started out like static on an AM radio station with the dial slightly off station. Then as it came closer, we opened the doors. On the screen porch, the wind drove wisps of mist through the screen and onto my face.

At first the rain puddled on the hard clay of the yard, but the persistent drops began to soak into the roots of the water oak. You could almost hear it sigh.

Radar shows more showers headed in our direction and soon the temperature will drop enough to make it comfortable sleeping with the windows up.

As my lovely spouse often closes out her blog: Good night, sweet dreams.

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  1. Sounds like a rain that was well appreciated by all of you! This will be good for your garden and all the plants. Maybe your garden will give you some unexpected gifts...who knows? Enjoy the rain and the cooler temperatures that come with it!

  2. I always think the rain showers us with refreshing thoughts and clears the air! May you always have Rainbows after each shower! Have a lovely weekend! As far as the shoe shopping you sound like my grandsons when it's time to get their new boots in the fall :o)


  3. Glad you got rain. WONDERFUL, loved the whole story, always a pleasure to stop by for a good read.

    Funny, I too hate to shop for shoes..

  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Sweet dreams to you & Jilda!!

  5. We're expecting rain today (Sunday) . It was warmer today than it's been but this rain should cool it down too. Can't believe August is almost over...Fall, here we come! Sweet dreams to you too!

  6. Stunning picture!

  7. I came back, I was thinking about your "INSURANCE" for the rain and had to laugh out loud, ain't it the truth! HA

  8. I like rain, I don't like floods but then who does, really who does, no one I am sure


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