Sunday, August 03, 2014


We got rain yesterday evening. It was the first in weeks. The earth was hard as green oak and cracking in places.

City water helps plants survive, but nothing more. It's almost as if the chlorinated water is a necessary evil.... a tightwad uncle that's willing to lend you ten bucks for gas, but gives you a lecture about frugality, and merits saving for a rainy day. I can see why the plants resent it.

But yesterday, we heard thunder in the distance, and when I stepped out to the screen porch I could smell rain. 

Sitting down at my writing table, I noticed a visitor silhouetted on the screen. 
Pulling the ever present phone from my pocket, I snapped a photo. 

Soon I heard the rain woooooshing toward us. I called inside to Jilda, and she came to the porch with two cups of hot ginger tea. She snapped a photo of me. She decided black and white was the best medium for rendering the scene.

The rain-breeze was refreshing. Sipping ginger tea with our moth visitor on the screen felt all existential and what not.


  1. Cool shot! I think I can smell the rain! We had rain all around us yesterday but we stayed dry...weird! Enjoy the freshness of that rainfall!

  2. The smell of rain after a dry spell is one of the joys of life. Funny you can remember that from childhood. You describe it well. That and the smell after the rain. Good read. You got a smart lady there, B/W does it proud.

  3. I love when it rains and the gardens get a healthy drink from mother nature. The only time I object is when it rains so much people are getting flooded, which happens out here near the rivers areas. Hopefully, your plants enjoyed the summer bath!

  4. Rain is good, I like rain if I can stay home and just sit and watch it or lay and listen to if


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