Saturday, August 09, 2014

Things are changing

Today was as hot as a blister. Although the air at times felt as heavy as a wool blanket, I could feel something in the air. 
The hummingbirds were in a feeding frenzy. Stepping down to check the mail, they buzzed around the feeders like jets at Laguardia in New York. For an instant one hovered close enough to kiss. Stopping mid step, it hovered a moment before starting to chitter. I'd love to know what it was trying to tell me. Probably something like, "Get out of my way or I'll poke this beak through your eye." Pound for pound, these tiny creatures are the pit bulls of the genus.
Later as we walked, I could also tell the light was changing. The canopy not as lush, and tinges of crimson had crept into the leaves of the sumac.  Soon autumn will be here and the games change. 
Soon the goldenrod will enter stage right and we'll be looking through the closet for sweaters. And we'll be wondering where summer went.


  1. I am going to enjoy every last day of our summer here... I for one am not looking forward to another winter... especially if it is anything like it was last year... :-/

  2. Hi Rick, As my Hubby and I were, driving to Church this morning we saw a very small patch of yellow leaves on the top of a very old Cotton Tree! We both were like, how can that be??
    Things are changing in the natural scope, but in the world as a whole. I read down on your last few posts. And I wish you also could buy the land next door to save the sweet country around your place. Blessings, Roxy
    Have a great week!

  3. It rained this afternoon. Then it was so hot and humid that when I grilled our Sunday steaks the tongs that sat in the sun for a few minutes hurt my fingers. It won't cool off here till the end of October, or later.


  4. And I am so looking forward to the cool, crisp days and the warm colors of the earth. Very beautiful thought...thank you, Rick :))


  5. Yeah, now you really have me thankful we are in the Poconos...
    Love the Hummers. Thinking of starting to take our feeder on the road with us.
    I felt the heat from the entry.

  6. We were watching hummingbirds all afternoon at the cottage by the lake. They are very feisty little things.

    I'm trying to enjoy ever day and not think of the cold days ahead just because they will come too soon. I had a great day off from farm work today and had a great time relaxing., something I seldom do anymore.

    I hope that Jilda will feel more energized this week.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day

  8. We haven't had really hot out here this summer. In fact, some nights have been so cool, we have needed a blanket. Our plants don't know if it's fall, spring, summer, or the what! At one point in July, leaves were turning and falling off the trees...crazy weather this summer!


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