Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dog days

The Dog Days of summer are hard on my creativity. I love summer and all that it brings, but instead of thinking stories and blog posts, my mind is at the beach, or the mountains.

Each day, Jilda and I get email updates from San Francisco, Sedona, Telluride, and Tullamore, Ireland. The temps in all these places are incredible. In the low 70s and80s during the day and down into the 60 at night. It danced with triple digits and after five minutes in the sun, I could fry a can spam on the hood of my truck.

In years past we had an abundance of butterflies, but they headed out early. I'm not sure where they went, but it's probably some place cooler, with a pool and drinks in frosty glasses with umbrella stirs.
I actually shot this picture last year about this time. It was enjoying a respite on a zinnia in our garden.

I know I'm whining a little and soon fall will be here, but a little rain to cool things down would be nice.


  1. oh Rick. I have all the rain you need and MORE in Latvia! I don't remember the last day it wasn't raining :( I'll try to somehow send those clouds to you because I'm so tired of them!

  2. I love the picture Rick;) We have had a cool summer with a fair amount of rain, I wish we could trade weather for a day or two, I think we could all go for some heat and you could get the much needed rain.

  3. (SMILE) but, but, but the shade feels so good. (I was visualizing spam on the hood!)

  4. Sounds like our weather too. We haven't needed the AC all summer.

  5. It's been a bit warmer up here with more humidity. That always happens when the kids head back to school! I've seen some trees already changing colors so I know Fall is just around the corner! I hope some relief comes soon!

  6. Been raining here for days on and off ok mostly on

  7. You want cooler temps and in the Midwest, we would have liked a little more summer like weather. The more temperate weather you described sounds like what we've been having, but with a lot of rain this year...not a normal summer here either.


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