Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wednesdays at the Watsons

As the coffee brewed this morning, I leaned over the sink and looked out the kitchen window. Walking walking across the garden was a half dozen wild turkeys . I tried to snap a photo, but without a decent telephoto, the picture looked like crows so I trashed it. Note to self: I really need to invest in a good telephoto.

We headed out after coffee and spent most of the day at the clinic today. It was treatment 32 for Jilda. She was excited on the drive in.

This evening we took a long nap when we got home. I woke up as the sun was setting and I stepped yawning to the garden door.

It felt like a sauna outside, but I sat on the wrought iron deck chair to watch the evening fall. I'm not sure how I failed to notice it, but down under the apple tree was a doe standing on her back legs trying to get to an apple.

They've already gotten most of the low-hanging fruit, but apparently she stood on her tiptoes because she got another one and stood there eating it.

I hadn't put out any corn today so, I stepped to the shed for a scoop. She stood and watched me until I got close to the back fence before she bounded off toward the barn. From out of the brambles came a spotted fawn dancing around its mom.

The next few months will be tough on the wildlife because the land adjoining our property is owned by a large holding company and they're about to come in and thin timber. Screaming chainsaws and beeping equipment will be in their space.

I wish I could sell a few hundred thousand books so I could buy that property. Maybe someday.


  1. It's too bad the developers are coming in to build on that land... we need to have more of that land you have Rick, it sounds beautiful ;)

  2. It's a shame when the tranquility is spoiled by the sounds of man...makes me sad when timber is cut.

  3. I would be sad if the company that owns the land is going to build on it. But if they're just thinning, that can be of benefit to the young trees there. Gets the sun to them and allows for growth. The deer and other wildlife will not be too happy. Hope the noise is over quick!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful country like area to live in where your home, it's home upon home...typical city suburb living. I would love to live on more land where your neighbors are wildlife and trees.

  5. I hope you sell a hundred thousand books!!!! Twould be nice for sure. Amazing the turkey population. We see more and more as we hike.
    We just talked to a cousin in South Georgia, he said it was hot a blazes there.

    From Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Sherry & jack

  6. So sad when habitat is destroyed to make room for development. Let's hope that they are only thinning the trees.


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