Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sad garden

My garden is beginning to look sad. The heat over the past several weeks baked the earth. The soil here contains a lot of clay, so the surface of the garden is pretty much pottery. 

Water from the faucet doesn't seem to get deep enough to give the roots a drink. It keeps the plants alive, but not much more.

We still have a few tomatoes, okra, and pepper. But for some reason, scorching heat doesn't seem to bother pepper. But the pods are so hot they're almost inedible. Maybe that's a function of the seed, but I think the sun plays a role.

At any rate, this afternoon when I stepped down to pick a few tomatoes for supper, the evening sun played on the weeds growing in the border. The light caught my eye so I snapped a photo.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. I have an appointment to see the doc to see what's going on with my aching knees. I'm sure the treatment will involve needles as big as pencils. 

I'm excited.


  1. I hope your plants get the much needed rain that it needs. Good luck about your knees ;-)

  2. Oh God!! I am excited for you too.
    My knees too are comme si comme ca.
    Low carb diet is good and gluten free seems to be good too.
    along with vitamins and less salt I am a salt freek.
    Salt crystalizes and maybe in joints???
    I think sheep manure with soil and pots make it easy gardening.
    My Dad worked hard on his garden and boy he always had a wonderful one.
    Me, I am a box person. Easier to sit by a box to weed and tinker. lol
    Won't feed a city but good enough for me.

  3. All the best in your garden! I hope you get the much needed rain! Hoping the treatment for your knees is successful.

  4. When we were stationary long enough to have a garden, I always hated to wee the end approach, my stuff always looked so sad.
    I hope the Knee work is a lot less than the pencil size needles!! OUCH!

  5. Fascinating to hear about gardens across the world. It's a sunny day in Yorkshire, about 20 degrees C, dew this morning, rain expected tomorrow; feeling autumnal... Good luck with the knees!

  6. Hope they are able to give you some relief for your aching knees Rick. And I hope you get some rain and slightly cooler temps soon so that it can bring the garden back to life!

  7. I feel your pain...in the knee department. I think I may have a total joint replacement on both knees this winter. I hope a little injection will help you. It won't hurt! Our tomatoes are just getting red. We got a ton of rain today...the weeds love it!

  8. We have had a lot of rain the last couple of weeks, it is cold and wet here again today

  9. I fell really hard on my knees and hands once when I tripped while jogging outdoors. That's when I stopped jogging outdoors and began to use my mini trampoline/jogger indoors. The doctor told me the fall caused injuries that when I aged would possibly feel arthritic in those joints unless I continued to strengthen those joints through exercise...so I exercise daily. When I don't, I will notice aches...so I exercise.


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