Saturday, August 23, 2014

Phone post

The Internet and technology is woven into my life now.

It didn't happen overnight. In fact it moved glacier like from a passing fascination, into a tool that I use every day for my livelihood.

I remember my friend Ken Owens sitting at his desk one evening where we worked. That would have been in the mid 1980s. "Have you seen this?" 

He tapped an icon labeled "Prodigy" on his desktop. Through a tiny onboard speaker I heard the modem dial and a modem at the other end connect. Then ever so slowly pictures and text began to appear on the crude color screen.

He talked me through how various site around the world were linked together via the Internet.

I was an early adoptor. 

Through the years my involvement and understanding grew. As the Internet matured, the applications and things I did with computer (and later smart devices) became more sophisticated. 

Internet connectivity became almost like tap water or the lights. You flip a switch, or click a button and your talking to someone on the other side of the planet.

Not having a connection tonight is almost as bad as the power being off. After I post tonight, I'll do what I used to do before the internet, I'll read a book.

I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. The internet is remarkable, but even scary sometimes when I think about young children and how carelessly they skip around while on the internet. The worldwide population has grown, while the internet has mad the world smaller and easier to traverse.

  2. Perspective! It doesn't seem that long ago my Sales Manager announced (that) my beloved Selectric typewriter was being replaced by a computer, and I threatened to quit!

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I, basically a computer idiot, have been unable to connect to the internet for three days now, on & off, & it's driving me berserk!!

  4. Amazing how the technology took over. The Advent of the PC opened the world. I had a very hard time adapting. I was a computer programmer and repairman (IBM), Windows blew me away. I tried to imagine the programming that went into allowing an operator to work on several jobs at once. Even on the BIG ones we ran one job at a time.

    But you are so right, without a connection, we do feel a little lost, but always go take a walk or read a book.

    THANKS for the REMINDER of BEFORE the net.

  5. lol I think we are all soo hooked and this is really why we should never lose books.
    Books are a life saver. I prefer paper to anything on line anytime but we sure are
    spoiled to have info right at our fingertips when we need it.
    It's almost like an addictive drug and in as much as we gain, we also lose soo much if we are not careful.
    Enjoy your book.

  6. It's easy to become attached and dependent. I still don't have a smart phone...mine is pretty dumb but somehow we get along fine! I hate when the power is out because we have an all electric house and our well doesn't work so no water. One of these days we should invest in a generator. Oh well, hope your internet is up and running soon and you have a great week ahead!

  7. I usually only use my phone for calls and texting although my daughter uses hers for everything under the sun same can be said for my sisters as well.

  8. It's so true how easily we've incorporated it into our lives. Even our books are on our computers and without power or battery life, we might not even have anything to read!


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