Friday, August 01, 2014


The week has been a time for distasteful chores. My shed.  It's where I store my tools, paint, animal feed, and sharp things. I dreaded working in the shed worse that the prep for a colonoscopy.

If something needs beating into submission - I head for the shed. "Yes, I'll need the sledgehammer, a ball-ping hammer, and of course the clawhammer, but perhaps I should also take the hacksaw,  a sharpshooter shovel, and tinsnips." 
 have all those tools in my shed but the long-cold winter played havoc on the organization factor. I know my friends with a military background would be tisking right now, but it's true. My shed was a mess.

Today, I spent four hours organizing tools, tossing junk that I'd been storing "just in case."  I hauled off two wheelbarrows full of stuff, and loaded the bed of the truck with metal to recycle. 
It was cooler today, but I still sweated like a politician on "Truth or Consequences." (I've know, I've been cracking on the politicians lately.)

I stood so long that my knees began to squeak so I decided to call it quits. I walked through the backyard to the front to put a few things in my truck. Coming through the yard toward the front door,  I noticed the sun bathing the impatiens that normally frolic in shade. For a few moments each evening, just before the sun slips below the western horizon, they kiss the pansies goodnight.

I was fortunate enough be there at the right time and snap this picture.


  1. Rick if you dread working in the shed worse that a colonoscopy prep, then that must be the wort work ever! LOL

  2. Oh my shed needs a good purging too but I'm not the only one who stores stuff in there and what a mess it is.... It's so small and so disorganized that it's almost impossible to find what we're looking for and things just get thrown in there. It's on my bucket list to do but my list is long. The roof needs repair too.

    You paint beautiful paintings. The sun kisses your pansies before going down, mmmm.
    Have a great day.

  3. I do love the sun kissed flowers. Ahhh the shed, or anywhere the tools are kept, I feel your pain. I'd like to be able to say I keep a neat tool shed, and sometimes it is, sometimes being the operative word. LOL Now in the basement of the motor home it is different, it must stay fairly neat.. (smile)
    Very good read..

  4. All that and you still got yourself a great photo...good timing! Beautiful!

  5. Ah, so nice.


  6. Worse than colonoscopy prep….now that's bad! Sounds like you were very productive. I'm envious. I could do the same in my garage. I'm waiting for fall and cooler weather to do it.

  7. The picture looks great... lovely shot :-)

    I have a storage room that needs a good cleaning.. I'm going to have a yard sale :-)


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