Thursday, August 21, 2014


Thursdays don't get a lot of press. Wednesday is humpday and when the day is done, people know they have the week on the run. Of course, Mondays for most people are the most dreaded, fear, and cursed. 

Even Tuesdays are sometimes celebrated, if on for proving that you survived Monday. 

Even though Friday is a work day, a lot of people are winding down getting ready for the weekend. 
Most people live for the weekend, but Thursdays are a little sad.

These are the thoughts oozing across my brain like a drunken spider.

Yes, I know this post would have been a total waste of your time if I hadn't had the good fortune to snap a picture of the evening sky.


  1. I like that guy running and looking back. There are so much in clouds....

    Take care... (You are rite 'bout 'em days though!)

  2. I like Thursdays it is a day when I do nothing

  3. Beautiful picture...funny stream of consciousness post!


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