Thursday, August 14, 2014


Time is the most precious resource we have. It's more valuable than you car, your house, or the figures penciled in at the bottom of your checkbook register.

If you have time, most any possession can be replaced. Relationships can be mended. Wrongs can be set right. You can start anew.

But without time, the most valued possession will seem trite and insignificant. What good is a gold watch, if your life-long friend is estranged over something goofy, and won't be with you in an hour of need?

The only time we have is this moment. The last one is long gone and the next one we may never see.

Time. It's the most precious resource.


  1. Very true: time is valuable! Good post.

  2. Humming a little Jim Croce as I see this....

  3. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Are you keeping time in a bottle?

  4. Throw in good will make the little bit of time we have much more enjoyable!

  5. Nice post Rick! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  6. Wise words as always Rick. We should cherish this precious commodity...

  7. True DAT! Also like the representation.

  8. Love this post! Time is precious and the people we share it with are even more important!

  9. Rick, Time... I have wasted it, I have abused it, I have dreaded it, I longed for it! Every morning I am given a new treasure. And I do not want to put it in a bottle to save, because to save time is not possible. We can use it just more wisely...
    Loved this simple and profound!

  10. Sometimes we don't know how special time is till we are out of it

  11. Time in a bottle...great song. Your post reminds me of this need to live each day, not wish away time.


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