Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Be present

My blog buddy Birgit commented a few days ago that "I seem to have beautiful times every day." I smiled when I read her words. Like everyone else I face challenges, and life beats me up every now and then, but I strive to find time each day to be present. I think being present is the key. When you're present, life seems to slow down in a sense. Life moving at that pace allows you to observe, to smell, taste, hear and feel. The senses are incredible, and we often take them for granted until we lose them.

My blog buddy Jack no longer hears, and some of the comments he leaves me makes me realize how fortunate I am.

One thing that's helped me is being around my great nephew most days. Children are present. They're not worried about work, school, bills, or taxes. If a butterfly flits by, Jordan is watching, chasing, and wishing he could fly too.

He walked with us on Sunday and the wild honeysuckles were in full bloom. Jilda showed him how to suck hints of honey from their fragile petals. He was fascinated and gathered armfuls of honeysuckles to take home so that his nana and pawpaw could enjoy the honey too.

At the risk of being preachy...if there's one thing I'd recommend that each of you do, it would be to take a few moments to be present.


  1. Good advice, and so is hanging around young people.

  2. My feelings exactly. And please include the feelings of wonder that accompany the presence.

  3. You're definitely not being preachy, Rick. This morning I had the jumps and Norma sat me down and told me not to think about anything but breathing, then told me how to breathe without worrying about the past or future. I did as instructed and the panic passed. You're not preachy; she is. Good thing too. The present is a good place to get organized and astonished.

  4. Children are a great reminder to us all of how to enjoy each moment. They don't worry about tomorrow or what they did yesterday. Today, this moment, is what counts for sure !

  5. I think these are very true words... we definitely need to be more present in our lives... xox ♡

  6. There is one thing I can say about Life 101. You have a way of allowing your readers to BE THERE! It make a visit here a pleasure. THANKS. Also not the least is Thanks for the shout out. Life is good.

  7. Thank you for the mention:) That is what I meant because so many people look at the negative and forget the pretty flowers. We all face challenges and hardships in one form or another but each day can be filled with something beautiful. Right now people complain about the weeds on their lawn. I look at it say what pretty yellow flowers

  8. You have gained wisdom in more ways than one. Yes. Important to be there.
    Nothing you can do about the rest. It is what it is. You just take one day at a time.
    Yes this is why I love kids. They take you away to the way life should be. Have a good one Rick.

  9. I wish I had more young people in my life. Hopefully, one day there will be.

  10. It's good advice. The present is really all we have.


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