Saturday, May 02, 2015


We played at the Horse Creek Jubilee Festival just after noon today. The morning had been cool, but at lunchtime, it was bearing down on the canvas cover of the stage. After our 45 minute set, I felt like I should wring out my shirt.

Jilda is still having lingering issues with the side effects from the treatments she took for three years, and the sun began to give her some problems.  We stayed around behind the stage for a while and sold some CDs and books before packing up and heading home.

Once inside, we collapsed on the sofas and took a LONG nap which was refreshing.

Afterward, I cut the grass on the new property. When I finished, Jilda made a glass of ice tea and we sat in the lounge chairs in the shade of the backyard. 

We let the chickens out of the pen when we're home and the race around the fence pecking worms, ants, and other critters. It felt good to relax for a few moments.

The setting sun highlighted a patch of grass with purple flowers. I wish I knew the name of the plant. 


  1. I hate that nap after being so over-heated. I always wake up with a headache. But the iced tea sounds refreshing. My favorite beverage.

  2. I know you guys enjoy the entertaining, but the sun and Jelda's 'hanging on' physical problem must put a crimp in it in times like today.
    Ah, but we were sitting with you guys watching the chickens. I liked that.

  3. It's hard to believe after being so cold for so long, I actually had to seek the shade yesterday too. I love a good glass of ice tea on a hot day. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday !

  4. We had a lovely warm sun and I worked in the yard sleeveless today and the sun felt hot so I can imagine that it was much hotter than that for you guys.

    A nap and then ice tea in the shade sounds relaxing enough. I bet the chicken appreciate having a bit of yard freedom when you're there. I hope Jilda is feeling her energy returning after her rest.

  5. I like the look of purple flowers, kind of cold here this morning

  6. The plant is called Spiderwort. I enjoy the blog. Been reading it nearly everyday.

  7. The plant is called Spiderwort. I enjoy the blog. Been reading it nearly everyday.


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