Thursday, May 21, 2015

Point of reference

Point of reference is an important concept. I've always been good with directions though Jilda would probably argue that point, but working as a service tech with the phone company, I often had to get directions, especially when the customer lived in a rural area.

Most of the roads were unmarked and GPS was still a technology that had not matured. Often they would tell me to go down by the road until you see an old pickup sitting up on blocks and just past there, take a left by the witness tree, then drive until you smell chicken houses and hang a right.

Strangely enough, those were pretty good directions if I knew where to start. So, I would keep asking questions until they mentioned a landmark I was familiar with, then the directions usually made sense. All it took was a point of reference.

The same holds true for a lot of situations. I actually say, "I don't have a point of reference," a lot. We have friends who have lost children tragically. There is no way I could tell them I know how you must feel because we don't have children. I know first hand what it's like losing someone close to me, but a child? I don't have a point of reference.

I thought about that concept when I took this picture a few weeks ago. I could have told you the sky was blue and had I simply shot a picture of the sky, it would be hard to gauge what I was talking about. But a few colors in the foreground, and Wah La. You have a point of reference.

I hope you all have fun over the coming long weekend.


  1. You make a very good point. (no pun intended)

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Beautiful color in the flowers!!

  3. My mother used to get lost a lot. And I do mean a lot. She simply kept going until she found someplace she knew and then would get us to where we were going. Easy-peasy.

  4. It is good to have a starting point to use as a point of reference, Other wise we tend to get lost, that could be in life and in travel. The colors in your picture are just brilliant. Hope you too have a wonderful holiday weekend !

  5. I must tell you my friend, this is one of the best blog entries I have read. Not the longest nor the shortest, but the most poignant. I have tried unsuccessfully to explain this before, the point of reference, regarding life's experiences.

    The lead up to the point was captivating, since I too have taken directions. The one I specifically remember was when we lived in All-benny (Albany), Georgia. I was going to look at a pickup, the man said, "Take the road out by the court house foller that to the Far Tar and hang a rite."
    It took me awhile to figure 'Far Tar was Fire tower'. (I found it and bought the old truck)
    Anyway, this one is good, because I needed it.

  6. I am quite good with directions especially with landmarks. If someone tells me to drive 5 miles east then head south for 4, you will lose me but landmarks-bingo! I don't have GPS and don't think I would get one because I like maps and studying them. Love that picture. The blues, yellow and the pink on the side is just a perfect picture where I would love to go to right now

  7. I love it when directions include a "look for"! When telling folks how to find us I always say "When you see the row of pine trees you've found us!" (or just read the mailbox with our name and number on it!) Love your photo...for some reason it makes me think of California!


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