Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Most of the early bloomers are gone now leaving only yellow daisies and oakleaf hydrangeas to carry the load. 

The hydrangeas thrive along the shady road to our barn. Every few feet another plant with long limbs laden with what looks like bouquets of popcorn, if you can imagine that.

On Sunday, we gathered bundles and Jilda arranged them in antique vases on the dresser by the entryway and on the kitchen table.

They have a smell that would not be called aromatic, but still I like how their earthy pungent scent. 

The Oakleaf arrangements were nice, but I'll be glad when the Old Maids start blooming.


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    You have such a variety!!

  2. Hydrangeas, one of my favorites.

  3. I failed any class that had flowering plants names evidently. Sherry tells me we have hydrangeas, I take her word for it. If they are they are hardy souls, and pretty.
    Always enjoy the visit.

  4. I'd never heard of Oakleaf hydrangeas before. They are beautiful. And I don't know what Old Maids are either so I'll be looking forward to seeing them. I love how nature provides so many varieties of blooms for us to enjoy. Here at my house there is something different blooming April through October. Right now the Azaleas are putting on a show.

  5. There is an edging of oak leafs at a cemetery near here. It is lovely this time of year.


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