Saturday, May 09, 2015


Tomorrow is decoration where Jilda's folks are buried. We headed out this afternoon by today to clean the markers and put new flowers on their graves.

The sun was getting lower in the sky, but when we drove past the blinking bank sign at 4 p.m. it read 94 degrees.

The cemetery is not that old and the dogwood trees scattered throughout the grounds are still small, but we managed to get most of the car in one of the few shades available.

Jilda did two arrangements earlier in the day, but she always makes last-minute adjustments once they're in the vases on the stones.

The cemetery was alive with people bringing flowers. Most of them were our age or older. As Jilda fussed over the flowers, I thought about decoration day and I wondered how long the tradition would last once we're gone. You rarely see younger folks tending the graves of their ancestors.

Once I'm gone, I doubt I'll fret over weeds and faded flowers on my plot, but who knows.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I hope all the mothers reading this update have a blessed day.


  1. I expect to be part of where the flowers grow.

  2. This is very sweet and the flowers look lovely. I think some kids will not do much and others will remember even if it is once in a while. It is how things go which is sad but is the norm

  3. A sweet tradition and remembrance.

  4. Decoration Day is one of those lost traditions that should not have been lost. To honor and remember the people who were here before us is too important. Jilda is lost in a loving memory in the picture. It is beautiful on so many levels.

  5. Remember the younger generation will one day be the older generation and with age comes understanding how important these things are

  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I do not visit my folk's graves, but they are ALWAYS in my heart!!

  7. I think we married sisters. I take Sherry to the grave yard to put flowers on her mom and dad's grave. Yep that last minute separating moving this one then that one. I don't say it, but I know it is just to stay there a little longer.
    Sweet entry my friend and I think a wise observation. The practice will not last too many more years.

  8. I think it's a beautiful tradition. Jilda's arrangement is beautiful. May they all rest in Peace and may they be remembered fondly by those who are left behind.



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