Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lost in space

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at Desoto State Park in northern Alabama. It's beautiful up there this time of year. The park has chalets with kitchens, and beds for about six people. The only drawback is there is no internet connectivity. 

The website says there is wireless in the lodge, but the signal must be carried by pigeons because it was very slow. It took forever to post our blogs from my iPhone on Friday night via spotty cellular service.

Then last night storms moved in and there was no cellular service. So for the first time in over two years, I missed posting an update. Actually, I wrote one and sent it, but it got lost in space.

We finished some new songs and laid the groundwork for several more. It's interesting watching the various members of our group approach the craft of writing a song.

Jilda and I've been co-writing for over 30 years, but some members of our group only write alone.  

Yesterday evening after a long day of writing, we threw steaks on the grill. The wife of one of the members had baked potatoes, and Jilda threw together a salad. The meal was delightful.

Jilda and I invested in a mattress, pillows and high thread-count sheets so we're a little spoiled when it comes to sleepwear so neither of us slept well. Even though it's only 7:15, I don't believe sleepytime is that far off tonight.

I hope you all have a remarkable week. Let's do something fun.

Flowers by the grill


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    You have a wonderful eye for photography!!

  2. I'm glad you had a good time.. I'm pretty sure I couldn't rough it where you went.. I'm a city girl :-) Havr a good night... ;-)

  3. What a fantastic supper you and Jilda and friends had! Yummm....sounds like a beautiful evening (except for the lack of the high-thread-count sheets.) I know what you mean about those sheets. It does make one spoiled to sleep on nice bed linen.
    The storm coming through was probably a welcome sight to those plants and flowers. It has been soooo dry here that any precipitation is applauded. I can almost see the flowers doing a happy dance.when it rains here.
    Here's hoping that you and Jilda have a profitable session writing together. I feel the love between the two of you.....and that makes me happy.
    Sending you both smiles from South Georgia.

  4. Strange how we are 'connected' to the internet. Missing it is worse than missing TV for many. But other than the 'sleep' it sounds like a fun time.
    A few years ago we stayed at Arley and we were lost without even phone connection. Sherry refuses to go back until she hears of a cell tower installed near the camp ground.

    Anyway glad you guys had a chance to get together with birds of a feather.

  5. Loss of connections to the outside world may have been a good thing. It is inconvenient but left all of you with no need to do anything but give your undivided attention to the people with you.

  6. I just finished watching Mad Men and smile fondly at the telephone system of the day that I grew up with. Now with everything a "click" away we get might dependent on all this and miss it when we are not "attached" to it shall we say. Back in 2003 we had a huge power outage in the states and here in Canada. I was on my veranda with my mom chatting and noticing how everyone was on their porch and enjoying talking. It is nice isn't it? Now as for song writing, I am picturing the old films with Mickey Rooney composing a song within 1 minute and Cornel Wilde composing a great piece in a blink of an eye:)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful and hopefully productive weekend. Too bad your post got lost in space but you tried anyway. Hard to believe that there are places where the internet isn't available. Hope your Monday is off to a great start !

  8. It sounds like you were very busy having some great time.
    I kind of like to be without internet for a short time. There are no interruption and less distractions. A good reason not to blog.
    Nice little yellow flowers.

  9. Pretty flowers, just saying, many of us have busy days but it is ok to be busy better then being dead

  10. Beds for about six people: Does that mean six people in one bed? It sounds like my childhood.



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