Thursday, May 07, 2015

Poop eggs

After work, I stepped outside to watch the ending of the day. The chickens had aerated the flowerbeds and checked under all the pine straw for worms. Stepping over to the coop to do a bed check, they were all present and accounted for. 

They fussed as I eased in to check the nests. All four hens laid today. As I plucked the eggs from the nest, I realized they needed washing before taking them inside. 

Usually when people buy eggs at the supermarket, they are moon white and uniform in size. Our eggs, on the other hand, are not pretty to look at. Some of them are brown, some are the color of bone, some have tiny speckles, some have poop and feathers on them.  

When I was a kid, my great grandmother kept chickens too. She walked with a homemade cane that doubled as a chicken snake-slayer. One day I helped her feed the chickens and gather eggs. I shied away from the poop eggs. 

She studied my reaction, before plucking the egg from the nest. She wiped it on her work apron before placing it in the basket. She was very old at the time and her head wobbled slightly as she talked. She used the only curse word I ever heard her say.  "From time to time, you'll likely get a little shit on your hands no matter what kind of work you do. " 

I've always remembered those words and I believe they are as true today as they were 50 years ago.
Zeus the god of sky and thunder in the barnyard


  1. Your great-grandmother's advice is classic! Real Stuff you wish were embroidered on a sampler.
    This brought back fond memories of visiting the chicken coop with my own Grandma Hanson. How I'd jump back when they'd protest my reach, and how wonderfully warm the new egg felt in my palm.

    1. Anonymous12:26 AM

      I would hang THAT sampler in my home proudly!!

  2. I love how that generation never cursed, but if you are talking about shit, it isn't a curse word shit is shit. I'll bet she never said "Oh shit!" but only used the word correctly.

    Also very wise!

  3. The woman was ever so wise. It is also good to have soap and water handy to erase the evidence.

  4. Now Imma liking Zeus, BUT Grandma's facts, ARE FACTS! What a solid statement. This is a good read with a 'Heart' of gold.

  5. This made me smile Rick, your grandmother was a wise woman :-)

  6. Nice you have those memories of your grandmother and the words of wisdom to hold on to.

  7. We are off to a graduation. I meant to say earlier, Zeus is one proud looking Rooster!

  8. Grandmothers have a way with words-they know how to cut to the chase. The chickens egss from the coop taste so much better than store bought plus the shells are thicker. That rooster knows how to walk the walk!

  9. You got that right and your grandmother said it like it is. haha. I should know, working around the barn or raising a family, it's a poopy world out there.

  10. Of course she meant it literally, so she can't be accused of swearing.

  11. What a beautiful chicken. Nice to get your own eggs every day.
    Yes they do need cleaning but what the heck.
    We had two white ducks and one always laid double yoked eggs.
    When it comes to life my whole life dealt in shit lol
    Animals kids parents..... shit was always in my vocabulary. Something bad happens I say SHIT! Something nice grows I attribute it to shit. If shit falls on my car from up above I call it good luck. Your Gramma was certainly right lol

  12. As true as gold. Or shit. I hope there's a choice. ;)

  13. Great Grandma was brilliant! I love Zeus!


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