Friday, May 08, 2015

Fishing fever

My niece called me last night to ask what she called, "A huge favor." As always, I said sure before she ever told me what she needed.

She asked if I could pick up the walker today. That's code, for picking up her son, my great nephew Jordan, from school. The term walker comes from the fact that he doesn't ride the bus, but someone picks him up at the front door each day.

As always, he's in rare form when he walked out the door. Today, Jilda went with me to pick him up, but she waited in the car while I fetched the walker. 

When we started home, I asked them if they wanted to swing by the forks of the river. YES, both Jilda and Jordan sang.  

When we eased down to the water's edge, there were several cars parked there. My old friend Leo was there helping a guy work on his rod and reel. When he saw us, he bounded up to the car to greet us. He moves well for someone over 80. 

On the way home, Jordan said he'd like to go fishing. This is the first time he's ever expressed an interest in fishing.

When we got home, I stepped down to the shed and rumbled around the back where I found an old rod and reel that my dad gave me before he died in 1986. I cleaned them up and put a tiny bit of gear oil in the mechanism.

When I called Jordan outside to give it a test drive, he beamed.  After a few minutes instruction, he was casting halfway across the yard. This coming payday, his mom is buying him a lifejacket so we can test the water. 

After dinner, Jordan and his mom went home and I sat outside to watch the remainder of the day. 

All in all, it was another spectacular day in Empireville.


  1. Nothing like seeing a kiddo smile and learn a new skill...nothing like being the one to put the smile on their face! I'm thinking many good memories are about to be had this summer with you and Jordan and an old fishing rod. He's really getting big since the first time I started reading your blog! Have a good weekend!

  2. Some of my fondest memories were fishing with my Grandpa!

    Jordan is in for some good times, and I think you will enjoy every bit as much as he.

  3. Your reward for picking up the walker is that huge smile on his face and the feeling you got from teaching him a new skill.

  4. You can't help but smile when you have a wonderful day like that for sure. Hope today is just as good.

  5. Nice a boy and a rod. Dream ing . From my fire.

  6. Those types of days are to be cherished.
    As a young girl I was a bit of a tom-boy and love going trout fishing in the little brook down by my grandfather. All I needed was a branch, a piece of white cotton parcel twine and a hook. I would fine worms in the garden and put them in a little tin can and away I'd go all by myself.
    The trouts were plentiful and on a hot day they hid under fallen trees in the shade. I would string them on a little fork branch then I would gut my little fishes once I got home and fry them. So I never learned to fly fish but I always went home with at least a couple. These are good memories.

  7. How fun that you get to spend quality time with the little guy. Life is good.

  8. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Looking forward to reading some stories about Jordan & his Uncle Rick fishing!!

  9. Oh wow great day for you and this will be a special memory for The Walker:) Kids don't forget days like this and they are always treasured. Love the last pic as well-the shakiness of the picture adds to the effect

  10. I have never liked fishing but Tim does and he use to take our youngest daughter fishing a fair bit


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