Thursday, May 28, 2015

Strep, you are no friend of mine

I haven't been ill in a very long time. I've had a few ailment, aches, pains, and routine procedures as befits someone of my maturity, but I haven't been ill.

Our great nephew Jordan spent a few days with us this week, and on the day before yesterday he was in rare form and in a great mood.

Shortly after his Nana picked around 3 PM, he told her he felt as if he had a popsicle stuck in his throat. He went to the After Hours clinic and tested positive for Strep. This was no good news.

I started monitoring how I felt and things seemed to be fine, until this morning around 1 AM. I experienced the same sensation as Jordan. I panicked a little at first because it felt as had swallowed razor blade, and even worse, it felt as if I were choking.

I fought back the panic and simply breathed. When I fetched the thermometer from the bathroom, my temp was 100.4.

So this morning, I was supposed to work, but I sent my boss a text and blew that off. I went to the early morning urgent care and after swabbing my throat, they told me I had Strep. Shocker.

The nurse came in with a needle as big as a kindergarten pencil and shot my rear-end up with and antibiotic. I've spent most of the day on the sofa.

I plan to hit the bed as soon as I punch the PUBLISH button.

Take care of yourself.


  1. Feel better soon... strep is awful, I know first hand. I hope Jhilda doesn't get it... :-/

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Get your rest, Rick!!

  3. Hubby and I know the E.R. doctors by name now. Stuff happens, and usually on a weekend. Get well soon; I enjoy your blog.

  4. Time, rest, and antibiotics are now your friend. Drink lots of fluids. Hopefully you will be fine in no time.

  5. Dang Rick ... I'm so sorry you've fallen victim to the strep. It's been years, but ya ... I recall that feeling of having a razor blade stuck in your throat. Please heal quickly ... and keep Jilda immune!

  6. Best speed to recovery, Rick. Take it easy, if not easier.

  7. Those nasty bugs hit adults much harder than the littles...take it easy and rest. Get well soon! Plus, remember that kiddos are sponges covered in germs! (Even if they are cuter than baby kittens!)

  8. The good news is that the antibiotic will get rid of that bug for you really quick. I've never had strep before but know it is very contagious. Hope tomorrow finds you much better !

  9. This one I can sympathize with, even though it was years ago, the memroies are still vivid. OUCH! Get well soon.

    It is Good they could diagnose that soon! Years ago they had to send the swab off to be analyzed.

  10. I've only had strep once and it felt like someone lit a blow torch in my throat. I feel for you buddy and hope you're feeling relief very soon. Xx

  11. Oh no-I know how that feels. Take care of yourself-drink peppermint tea. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow


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