Thursday, May 14, 2015

Old Photographs

Writing something tonight's been a struggle. I've been sitting here tapping keys for a while but that wasn't putting words on the page so I went to plan "B" which was to browse through old photographs and hopefully find something that sparked a thought.

That didn't help either, but I did come across a picture of my dad when he was about 20. He's standing (left) with my great uncle Elmer in what looks like a gangster suit. I have no idea where this was taken or what he was doing in a suit. 

I did notice his arm is in a sling. It looked like there were up to something or about to be. On a muse-friendly day, I would have made a story up...but that won't happen tonight. 

I hope you all have a great Friday.


  1. Delightful....(and I would love to hear the story you make up about them. )

  2. Well, Rick, you seem to have posted an enigma. Your dad is wearing a sling but has no cast on his arm, nor is his shoulder swollen. It would seem, at most, his hand and wrist are effectively immobilized. This might indicate a fall in which his right hand shot out to break an impact and sustained a sprain. He seems otherwise intact so I'm ruling out a self-defensive blow and he was not a pugilist. Did your dad and uncle have a favorite court or field sport? They're both athletic-looking. Good genes.

  3. It does look like the dustbowl thirties when Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson were running amok. I love old pictures, they always tell a story besides, someone decided it was important enough to take a picture and it was harder to do that then it is now

  4. I recently found a table with a hidden compartment that had belonged to my mother-in-law. There were dozens of pictures in it. I had to call my sister-in-law to see who we could identify. Just as soon as I get ambitious enough to scan them I am going to make a gift of them to her. It was a treasure found.

  5. I love looking at old photographs. They're such time machines into the past. It would be fun knowing the story behind the photo.

  6. Old photographs are inspiring, so I know you will come up with a story about them. Looking at them reminds me of ones with my grandfather and his brothers. Always wondered what they were thinking.

  7. They both look young and slim. My dad used to wear a similar hat tipping on one side just like that.
    I'm sure you'll find your story. It must be stressful to have to write a column weekly.
    Good luck.

  8. I'll just sit here and knit waiting for your story..... ;)


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